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NEW Rack-Mount Series: DEWE3-RM

10/06/2020 | General, Hardware

We are proud to introduce our new product series DEWE3-RM that comes along with many beneficial features. Four systems with 4, 8, 12 or 16 slots for TRION3™ and TRION™ boards are available. They have been constructed as mainframes for assembling them in 19’’ racks. The name of the series also comes from the term rack-mount (RM). Of course, you can also use every DEWE3-RM system as benchtop mainframe.

Many advantages combined in one system

Our new product series for rack-mount assembly combines several vital features of data acquisition. Because of the high channel density of the systems, you can inspect more data than ever with just one single device.
Acquiring signals with continuous sampling rates has never been possible with more speed in the past. Further, the rack-mount series provides more connectivity with the optional 10 Gbit Ethernet interface that accelerates the data link with OXYGEN-NET and data file downloads.
As an additional feature, the instruments come along with a silent cooling system and you can easily maintain the systems by simply removing the filter cartridge to easily exchange fans. This even works if you already assembled the systems in a rack. The available 19’’ mounting kit is the perfect supplement for fast and easy rack assembly.

System modularity of our rack-mount series

Like all DEWETRON measurement systems, the DEWE3-RM systems offer highest modularity and flexibility. The available 4, 8, 12 or 16 slots can be equipped with our TRION™ or TRION3™ series modules and highspeed channel expansion can be easily added by using a TRIONet or OXYGEN-NET.

DEWETRON’s multifunctional highspeed TRION3-18-xx-MULTI modules provide a future-proof solution with high flexibility, precision, speed and dynamic. Our TRION3™ modules can achieve the highest performance of 5 MS/s when you use them in a DEWE3 system like the DEWE3-RM series.

Get to know our new and innovative rack-mount series DEWE3-RM with many useful features! Find out more about the technical specifications of the four available systems of this product series.

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