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Test & measurement products for high precision data acquisition


Regardless of the size of your data acquisition task, we guarantee high quality of your measured data. Our great strengths are in supplying complete measurement systems that are immediately ready for use while also being quickly customizable to the unique needs of the test environment.

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Power Analyzer

DEWETRON’s Power Analyzers offer up to 16 power channels which can be optionally expanded. The number of power groups are user definable and the wiring of power groups fits all applications: 1-phase, 2-phase, 3-phase, 6-phase, polyphase up to 9 phases. Our Power Analyzers have 0.0.1% basic accuracy.


Pre-Configured Measurement Systems

For a wide range of applications, we offer predefined systems. They are easy to configure, cost optimized and shipped faster than fully flexible instruments.


Data acquisition hardware for measurement Systems

From modular, portable measurement systems to high channel count data acquisition – you will find different chassis that can all be combined.


Signal Conditioning

DEWETRON high precision signal conditioners are available for any analog sensor from any vendor. All inputs are recorded synchronously.



We offer an extended range of software solutions. Choose from ready-to-use application software or customizable project software.


Components & Sensors

Complete your measurement system with essential data acquisition sensors and components or use them on their own.

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