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measurement systems

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Banner for the new whitepaper about conntecting testbeds

NEW: Whitepaper

To guarantee compatibility between measurement devices and as many testbeds as possible, our measurement devices support a wide range of testbed interfaces. In this whitepaper, we give you the ultimate introduction into the world of testbed interfaces. Our expert explains several interfaces from which you can choose the one that meets your requirements best.



Tragic occurrences like the Corona Virus show us the importance of fostering digital education.
Therefore, we decided to expand our DEWETRON Academy: starting from now, we will provide you with short video clips to facilitate your DAQ tasks thanks to hidden features and small tweaks in your settings.

Banner for the new Release of Measurement Software OXYGEN - OXYGEN5.1

NEW: Software Update OXYGEN 5.1 available

The next release of our measurement software OXYGEN is out. Hence, we proudly present OXYGEN 5.1 with all its new features and hope that you will enjoy them a lot. We are curious what you think about them, so do not forget to leave a comment at the end of the post.



Power Analyzer

DEWE3-PA8 highspeed Power Analyzer

Power Analyzer

Key Facts Power Analyzer


DEWE2-A4 measurement tool for data acquisition


Key Facts All-in-One

  • Built-in-display
  • Compact and flexible configuration
  • Powerful PC inside for fast online displays and analysis
  • Convenient for mobile applications
  • User Exchangeable Signal Conditioner Modules


measurement tool DEWE2-M13 with 13 TRION modules for high-speed data acquisition and following data analysis


Key Facts Mainframe

  • Powerful PC inside for fast online displays and analysis
  • Can be used with external display
  • Very popular for applications where the instrument is installed in a poorly accessible place fo the user

About Dewetron

DEWETRON is an Austrian manufacturer of precision, highly intuitive end-to-end Test and Measurement Systems designed to deliver needs-based data acquisition capability to the Energy, Automotive, Transportation and Aerospace industries. Our strengths lie in customized solutions that are immediately ready for use while also being quickly adaptable to the changing needs of the test environment and sophisticated technology.

Product development

Our test & measurement systems offer you precise and reliable measurement results in every step of your production cycle. With DEWETRON, high quality test and measurement data – from basic data logging to high-end recording – is generated in a short time. Usability is one of the key success factors in consumer electronics. We are setting new standards with multi touch, gestured controlled software with swipe interfaces. Try it out!

“The measurable difference” – but why?

DEWETRON Innovation is inspired by the real needs of real customers, not by the need to be featured on the cover of a tech publication.
DEWETRON Ingenuity is dedicated to making the world a safer place before making a world’s greatest list.
DEWETRON Reliability starts and ends with real names, real voices, and real people behind the logo.

Measurement Software OXYGEN

Our software OXYGEN ensures synchronous data acquisition
from a vast variety of different data sources, where all
measurement data is displayed live
while being stored time-synchronously.


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