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DEWETRON is the premium manufacturer of highly intuitive, end-to-end test & measurement systems designed to make the world more predictable, efficient, and safe. DEWETRON systems are modular in design allowing us to deliver reliable measurement data and provide flexible, needs-based data acquisition capability for aerospace & defense, the automotive industry, the power & energy sector as well as the industrial & manufacturing companies.

How it began

DEWETRON was founded in 1989 as a supplier of PC components and measurement equipment. At that time, PC-based measurement systems represented an emerging and promising segment with great growth potential. With the know-how gathered over the years and thanks to the great potential of the division, DEWETRON was able to start developing its own measurement systems. Although a lot has happened in the industry meanwhile, DEWETRON’s core concept remains the same: to combine state-of-the-art technology with intuitive operation and modular design.

Where we are now

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience and innovation, DEWETRON has earned the trust of the global measurement market. Well-known companies worldwide use more than 25,000 DEWETRON systems and over 400,000 measuring channels on a continuous basis. This way, a start-up has become an established and internationally recognized company. Today, we count more than 120 employees in over 25 countries. In addition to several locations worldwide, we have access to a very well-maintained partner network. This allows us to support our customers at any time and any place.

Part of something bigger

DEWETRON is part of the TKH Group – an internationally active group of companies with a focus on innovative developments in high-tech areas. The group’s efforts revolve predominantly around three business segments. This includes telecommunications, building as well as industrial solutions. With annual sales of more than € 1.6 billion and over 6,500 employees worldwide, TKH provides an enormous backing. Hence, that allows DEWETRON to research technologies of the future. Here you can learn more about the TKH Group.

Commitment to total quality management

Choosing DEWETRON means having a partner by your side who accompanies you every step of the way. Consequently, environmental and quality management are integral parts of all our business processes. Thanks to an extensive product qualification phase and our commitment to total quality management, we are able to convince customers all over the world of our products. Our quality commitment starts with the definition of technical specifications and covers all our business functions including for instance development, production, quality control, shipment as well as after-sales services such as personal support and service. To complement the entire process, we deliver each of our components and systems with calibration certificates. Due to these exhaustive methods of quality control, we can assure that all our products comply with customer requirements and reliably fulfill their function over a long period of time.



Certified quality

In addition to our strong commitment to total quality management, the development and production of our equipment meet the high requirements of various standards such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO17025. These certifications guarantee compliance with rigorous quality procedures and documentation of every aspect of our business. Moreover, our systems meet a wide range of specifications and norms (EMI, CE, etc).

ISO certificate



Networked DAQ system for lane keeping assistant tests

15. October 2021 | Products, Whitepaper

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, also known as ADAS, are nowadays implemented in almost every new car. Those systems use integrated sensors and cameras as well as artificial intelligence to increase the car and road safety. One essential new part of ADAS is the lane keeping assistant. His job is to ensure that a vehicle doesn’t […]

Upgrade precision touchpad

The Precision Touchpad Upgrade of the DEWE3-A4

8. October 2021 | General, Products

After releasing a new version of our measurement software OXYGEN last week (more about version 5.7 here), we again have good news for DEWETRON users. This time, we worked hard to further improve the user experience when working with a DEWE3-A4 which for instance includes a free touchpad upgrade to the precision touchpad newly released […]

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