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Repair Policy


We are very sorry that your DEWETRON system is not operating properly. Our repair team will do everything in their power to ensure that your DEWETRON product returns to peak performance as quickly as possible. Please help us to help you by following our repair policy.

Many issues can be resolved easily quickly and remotely. To work in your best interest to get the fastest resolution to your problem, our technical support team will investigate the roots of your problem from distance. This helps you to save time as well as shipping costs. Therefore, please contact our support. You can find the contact details here. When talking to our support team, please describe the error accurately and in as much detail as possible. This helps us to expedite the repair process.

If we cannot resolve the problem remotely and a repair is necessary, please complete our online RMA form. You will then receive an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number and detailed instructions that identify where to ship the damaged product. Please follow these instructions. Products arriving at our repair department without RMA require follow-up calls and further investigation leading to a longer turnaround.

Contact Support

Register repair need via RMA form


The following general repair policy for RMA services and repairs ensures that any system issue will be resolved efficiently and completely.


Please contact us via [email protected] to get information about current service fees.


After the fault inspection and analysis, our technicians estimate the costs (including labor and material excl. transportation costs). The binding period for acceptance or rejection of the repair is 60 days. If the cost estimate is not confirmed within this period, we consider the repair order to be rejected. In this case, we will send the RMA unrepaired to you (EXW) and charge you our service fee.


Repairs have a warranty of 12 months, starting with the date indicated on the receipt of the repaired device. This warranty applies only to the specific repair work conducted and the replaced material associated with the repair.


  • Warranty cases: DEWETRON pays for the shipping of the device to the customer. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs to DEWETRON.
  • Non-warranty cases: The customer takes care of the shipping to/from DEWETRON.

Register repair need via RMA form

If you have any questions regarding our repair policy, please contact our repair team at [email protected].

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