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Energy & Power Analysis

Power Analysis & Energy Analysis


DEWETRON makes energy and power analysis finally a simple task. Benefit from our high-performance mixed-signal power analyzers or simply extend any DEWETRON measurement system to a full-featured power analyzer. Due to our modular DEWETRON technology, it is easily possible. Hence, whether you want to investigate HEV or pure BEV, your DEWETRON power analysis systems will provide you with the highest accuracy and highest precision. Consequently, energy and power analysis has never been easier. 

Solutions for Power Analysis and Energy Analysis

DEWETRON is your developer and manufacturer of sophisticated measurement systems for energy and power analysis. Moreover, due to the high precision and the comprehensiveness of the measurement data, objective decision-making becomes easy. DEWETRON complies with the following standards:

  • IEC61000-4-30 Class A
  • IEC 61400-21/12
  • EN61000-3-X, EN61000-2-4

Power Analysis for Broadband Measurements

DEWETRON’s power analyzer is the ideal tool for R&D, certifying institutions as well as close-to-production tests and startup procedures. Due to our DEWETRON technology, our power analysis systems are tailored to any challenge, like distributed measurement. Additionally, it is perfectly suited for mobile as well as stationary broadband power measurements. As a result of the high accuracy of our power analysis system, you will receive perfect synchronization of your data. Furthermore, the DEWETRON technology allows you a synchronous online calculation of several power groups which are the outcome of multiple configurations. Hence, you can enjoy your data and calculations live.

Some highlights: high precision and synchronous calculation of several power groups; determination of efficiency and loses; recording of dynamic processes; synchronous sampling up to 10 MS/S/ch; highspeed isolated modules; analysis of rotation speed and torque; observation of the rotary field and lots of additional data like pressure, temperature, vibration, strain, CAN data and GPS


The electrification of cars and other vehicles certainly rises the complexity of power trains, electrical engines and control units. Therefore, highly accurate and synchronized power analysis solutions become even more important for R&D and test. Consequently, DEWETRON is your partner for fully integrated multi-signal power analyzers. Some application examples are HEV and EV testing, battery testing, the testing of electric powertrains and electrical control units as well as other electrical systems.

Some highlights: synchronous acquisition of voltages, currents, temperatures and other analog signals; online calculation and analysis of several multi-phase (1, 2, 3, …,7, or more) power groups DC/AC; synchronous acquisition of CAN, FlexRay and LIN communication; acquisition of mechanical parameters like torque and rotation speed; full integration into testbeds and testbed environments; supporting standards for measurement and calibrations system (MC systems); parallel data streams of several measurement systems; decentralized and distributed synchronized power analysis; synchronization of several measurement systems


Since the use of battery electric vehicles (BEV) increases, the importance of their testing increases as well. Hence, our DEWETRON power analysis solution is perfectly suited for test bench and real drive test. Due to the versatility of our system, you can perform measurements on combustion engines as well as on pure electrical engines. In addition to that, you can connect them in parallel as well. Hence, the DEWETRON power analysis solution is your perfect tool for e-mobility testing.

Some highlights: analysis of both, electrical and combustion engines at the same time; isolated wide range voltage and current modules (300 mV…1 kV); synchronous acquisition of vehicle bus data via CAN or FlexRay; online power and efficiency calculation; high bandwidth up to 2 MHz; acquisition rate up to 10 MS/s/ch synchronous


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