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Your company manufactures products on a large scale and you want to minimize downtimes? Do you want to monitor your processes to guarantee the highest efficiency? Are you facing issues regarding component fatigue? Do you need measurements distributed across your entire production plant and you realized that your data recording is neither reliable nor gapless? In other words, you need a data acquisition system that exactly meets your needs? No matter how complex your requirements are, DEWETRON provides the right solution for each of your measurement challenges.

Highspeed Data Logging

Sometimes, it has to be fast. Therefore, DEWETRON developed high-speed data recording modules that cover sampling rates from 200 kS/s up to 10 MS/s. For these industrial measurement applications, we distinguish between stream recording and transient recording: Stream machines are able to record continuously and gaplessly up to 1 GB/s to the internal SSD. The storage capacity ranges up to several TB. On the other hand, DEWETRON offers transient recorders that support sampling rates up to 10 MS/s. The storage capacity goes up to 4 GS per channel.

Distributed Measurements

In a lot of cases, data acquisition systems for industrial measurements need to record simultaneously at various locations. To state some examples, distributed measurements find use in power transformers of an electrical grid, in vehicles moving in different directions or for measurements at multiple measuring points on long trains. For these ambitious applications, we provide solutions that combine our well-established devices with our latest technology. Consequently, you can synchronize all your data acquisition equipment. In addition to that, the modular architecture of our DEWETRON products allows us to find the right solution for your requirements. For distributed measurements, we particularly recommend our TRIONet front-end. Apart from the convenient size, our TRIONets allow synchronized recordings across almost unlimited distances. As a result, your measurement will be extremely reliable.

Order Analysis

Many errors and hidden faults on rotating machines occur during the start-up and shut-down. Consequently, DEWETRON’s order analysis system analyzes these conditions by separating frequency components, which are related to engine speed from frequency components related to structure. In addition to that, most DEWETRON order analysis systems are equipped with multiple measurement capabilities like recorder, scope, e-power and modal analysis. Select from more than 20 different DEWETRON systems.

Torsional Vibration Analysis

Rotating machines and engines create noise, vibration and harshness, which often result in fatigue. As a result, vibration analysis is indispensable for industrial measurement. However, the measurement of both – torsional as well as rotational vibration – requires a high-resolution angle or time-based sampling of rotational speed. DEWETRON provides exactly the right measurement equipment:

  • Multiple analyses simultaneously
  • Differential counter inputs with programmable trigger levels up to 40 V (e.g. 60-2 CDM)
  • Digital filter at counter input to reduce noise (frequency converter)

The Products we recommend for Industrial Measurements:

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