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Our Values

Values That Shape Our Culture

“We offer modular hardware and software solutions to simplify complex measurement tasks.
We listen to our customers to find the best solutions for their needs.
We deliver the highest precision and quality – handmade.”


DEWETRON developed an exhaustive environmental program with the goal to reduce waste, emissions and at the same time save valuable resources. DEWETRON committed the entire organization to a sustainable and long-lasting reduction of:

Reduce Carbondioxid





Throughout all our activities, we maintain responsible use of resources. This for instance includes avoiding conflict minerals and consuming power from renewable energy sources.

Footprint Reduction

DEWETRON is committed to reduce our carbon footprint and therefore we are proud to be an official partner of GROW MY TREE. We plant trees for our “company forest” and for our customers. Contribute to our mission and take an active part in it. With the green button below you can simply plant your own trees with the GROW MY TREE website.Grow my tree logo

We want to actively work for the improvement of our planet. How do we do that? We regularly plant trees to actively drive reforestation.

Currently, we have more than 1000 planted trees in our “DEWETRON forest”. With this already more than 10 tons of CO2 can be neutralized every year. We are on a good way, let’s go on. Thank you for your support.

Social Collaboration

We know we can achieve more if we work together as a team. Appreciation is our key word here. Therefore, we developed simple guidelines to promote appreciative collaboration:

DEWETRON's Code Of Conduct

How we interact

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How we interact

  • We provide a safe work environment based on fair employment practices.
  • We respect the rights and dignity of all colleagues.
  • Every employee has the right to fair treatment, courteous interactions, and respect.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination, abuse, or harassment in any form.

How we resolve conflict

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How we resolve conflict

  • We try to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • We handle conflicts that cannot be avoided by involving the next higher level of management to resolve them.
  • We actively disclose any suspected or actual conflict of interest.

How we protect data

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How we protect data

  • We are fully committed to protecting the personal information of our employees, customers, suppliers, and others.
  • We collect and store only the personal data that we need for the effective operation of the company or that is required by law.

Innovation Management

innovate today - succeed tomorrow at dewetron

We actively support our employee’s creativity and introduced innovation management in the company. On a dedicated platform, everyone can share their ideas on products, processes, or topics like sustainability or employee happiness. Like this, we want to encourage our employees to think outside the box. We want to grow with our customers and continuously improve to offer innovative products for our customers.

We work by the motto: Innovate today – succeed tomorrow




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