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The easy-to-integrate standard power analyzer

The LITE[PA] is available with 4 or 8 phases, ensuring high-precision measurements. It is compatible with all common current sensors, provides standard inputs for speed and torque, and offers seamless data exchange via CAN, Ethernet and USB. Ideal for laboratory use, test stand, or end-of-line applications.


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Standard Power Analyzer LITE[PA]

Key Features Data Acquisition Systems


  • 4 or 8 power phases
  • 0.04 % constant power accuracy
  • 19″ rack-mountable

Inputs from Data Acquisition Systems


  • Up to 2 MS/s @ 24-bit
  • Voltage, current, speed, torque, CAN in/out
  • Ethernet: SCPI, XCP, UDP

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High-voltage and current inputs

The LITE[PA] features 4 or 8 fixed high-voltage inputs and 4 or 8 selectable sub-modules to connect all state-of-the-art current sensors. The fixed inputs for high-voltages offer a range of ±2000 VPEAK, a 5 MHz bandwidth, a 2 MS/s sampling rate and a CAT III 1000 V safety class.

The current inputs have 1 ARMS (±2 APEAK) measurement range and are the ideal solution for current measurements with zero flux transducers. Other submodules for current measurements with current clamps or direct current measurements are available as well

See all our sub-modules


LITEPA Power Analyzer Interfaces

Motor inputs

The LITE[PA] is equipped with 2 advanced counter inputs to support speed measurement with encoders and 2 basic counter inputs for torquemeters providing a frequency output signal. This allows mechanical power measurements, efficiency analyses and online efficiency mapping when working with the LITE[PA].

Motor inputs of LITEPA
Power Analysis with Efficiency Map

OXYGEN measurement software

The LITE[PA] comes with our easy-to-use OXYGEN software. Within a minute, the basic measurement setup is ready, e.g. a 6-phase system with 1000 A current transformers, and all typical power parameters can be displayed and saved. Design your own views by choosing from a variety of displays and assigning signals using drag and drop. Additional online data processing such as mathematics, special statistics, filtering, etc. is easily possible at any time. Also, the efficiency map of a drive train can be calculated and displayed directly during the measurement. For offline analysis and reporting tasks, the software can be installed license-free on any number of analysis PCs.

More about OXYGEN

Power Option in OXYGEN

OXYGEN’s power option is included in the LITE[PA] and provides the following calcuations:

Raw data processing: Visualization / Storage
Yes / No
Cycle-by-cycle calculation U/I/P/Q/S/PF/W
Analysis of (intermediate) harmonics (IEC 61000-4-7)
High-frequency components
Voltage fluctuations (IEC 61000-4-15) Yes
Flicker emissions (IEC 61400-21)
D/Q analysis
Mechanical power and efficiency map
Rolling calculations
 Advanced math, i.e. formulas, filters, FFT etc.
 Reporting Integrated reporting, many export data formats (*.xlsx, *.mat, *.dat, *.csv, etc.)
 Data sharing and offline analysis
Unlimited free VIEW licences for workgroups (for multiple analysis PCs)

High wideband accuracy

The power accuracy of DEWETRON’s LITE[PA] is stunning. Compared to other Power Analyzers available on the market, it offers a constant power accuracy of 0.04 % from 0.5 Hz to 1000 Hz fundamental frequency. Moreover, it comes with a factory calibration certificate and can be calibrated according to ISO 17025. High-precision measurements over a wide frequency range are an easy task with the LITE[PA] and central requirement for test stand applications.

Power Measurement Error over Frequency
Power Analyzer LITEPA at a test stand

Data connection to host system

The LITE[PA] is ready to be easily integrated into a wide variety of host systems. Data transfer to the testbed control can be easily realized by using the protocols SCPI, Ethernet UDP or CAN. XCP is available on request. The remote configuration and control of the LITE[PA] is ensured by a power SCPI command library to, e.g. load predefined setups, edit the channel configuration or make trigger settings.

Intuitive user interface

The LITE[PA] power analyzer impresses with a very intuitive user interface for direct device operation, e.g. in laboratory use. It has a bright 11.6” multi-touch Full HD display for quick and easy operation. You can operate our intuitive OXYGEN measurement software via simple multi-touch gestures and smart visuals, just like on a smartphone. Alternatively, you can connect a keyboard and a mouse too.

LITEPA with intuitive user interface
Temperature measurement additionally to Power Analysis

Temperature measurement with XR expansions

Expand your LITE[PA] power analyzer with our low-speed XR modules for the acquisition of temperature, current, voltage or RTD. All different types support either RS-485 or CAN data output. The output type can be programmed by the user. Each of the 8 measurement channels has its own A/D converter with a sampling rate of up to 200 Hz.

Choose your ideal channel expansion

LITE[PA] Video

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