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You need high precision and guaranteed reliability for your comprehensive measurement data? Exhaustive testing is important for your developments? You are looking for a tool that allows you to make fast decisions when needed? DEWETRON is your reliable partner for aerospace testing as well as for defense testing. Together we will find the right solution, that exactly fits your needs and is easily and quickly adjustable to any challenge you will ever face.

Real-Time Engine Test

R&D engineers are facing unprecedented challenges. Be it the increasing trend of downsizing internal combustion engines (ICE) or ever-growing customer expectations. As a result, exhaustive and precise testing is indispensable. Hence, DEWETRON designed special systems for aerospace testing as well as defense testing. Our data acquisition equipment is capable of recording hundreds of channels. In addition to that, DEWETRON offers a wide range of signal conditioning amplifiers with sampling rates between 100 S/s to 10000 kS/s. Most noteworthy, you can see your testing results in real-time in your control room. Because of our modular DEWETRON technology, aerospace testing and defense testing has never been easier. Some highlights are the isolated, conditioned signal inputs, the usability for distributed measurements and the redundant storage.

Wind Tunnel Test

Prototypes of aircrafts and corresponding components need a variety of analog sensors for their aerodynamical testing. Hence, perfect synchronization of the wind tunnel speed with your data recordings is paramount. This is a particularly challenging task in aerospace testing due to the abundance of channels with their high dynamic range and their high sampling rates. However, DEWETRON perfectly supports your demands for aerospace testing. As a result of our modular technology, you can easily scale your system from 16 to 2000 channels. Furthermore, the sophisticated design is portable and makes DEWETRON’s DAQ equipment perfectly suited for rugged environments. In addition to that, the creation of synchronous videos for your aerospace testing becomes due to DEWETRON components easier than ever.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting Systems

DEWETRON provides multi-functional systems for data acquisition and analysis. Therefore, DEWETRON systems are particularly suitable for maintenance and troubleshooting. The many features like recorders, fault recorders, FFT analyzers as well as scope and order analyzers are useful during aerospace testing and defense testing tasks. In addition to that, DEWETRON offers portable, battery-powered systems which enable multiple input types. Consequently, DEWETRON facilitates your maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

Component Test

DEWETRON systems are capable of measuring a wide scope of aerospace components like servo-drives and actuators, power supplies, landing-gear mechanics as well as power generators, to mention only a few examples. Our DAQ systems record various types of analog and digital channels, for local as well as distributed measurements. The longtime recording option provides you the possibility to detect faults immediately. In combination with the ability to review and analyze your data during the recording, your DEWETRON DAQ system becomes an important facilitator for your aerospace testing.

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