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DEWETRON manufactures outstanding products for data acquisition and analysis. But that is not all! DEWETRON furthermore delivers unsurpassed service and support for its customers. Thereby, we can guarantee the highest quality standard of your data acquisition systems, no matter how long it already accompanies you and your company. A DEWETRON system is not getting older, it is just becoming a classic. Contact our customer support and engage with us – we are happy to learn more about the challenges you are facing.

Calibration Services

Over the years, a system may fall out of calibration. This is a normal occurrence that you can easily bypass. By annually calibrating your system, you can ensure the continued integrity of the measurement data. DEWETRON is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified and offers ISO 17025 or NIST standard calibration service.

There are two levels of calibration certification: NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable and ISO (International Standards Organization) certified. In addition to a standard calibration, we are officially allowed to perform both types of certified calibrations. If you book an accredited calibration, we will send you a physical certificate guaranteeing the compliance to the respective standard.


Standard Calibration

The accuracy of your system is paramount. This is why, we have a specially trained team that performs the calibration of your device.

By planning an annual calibration of your equipment, your instruments will be prioritized and thus you can minimize the lead time.

Accredited Calibration

Standard calibration service may be upgraded to a calibration with EN ISO/IEC 17025 or NIST.

This calibration also includes manufacturer adjustments to ensure the continued integrity of the measurement data.

Accredited calibration service is applicable to individual systems and devices.

Express Calibration

We know that downtime on equipment is unacceptable. Therefore our calibration turnaround is 14 business days or less following the arrival of your system at our clock.
We also know that in some cases a shorter turnaround is critical. For these occasions, we offer expedited calibration service. This means, we enjoy all the benefits of standard calibration services within 7 days following the arrival of your system at our clock.


When technological devices are used, problems may arise. To support you with any occurring challenge, we offer worldwide phone and online access to a network of support experts. Depending on your problem, we offer several support levels. Thanks to them, we can achieve our goal to help you as fast as possible.


First & second level

Every DEWETRON system includes first level support. This comprises worldwide phone and online access to a network of support professionals. Together, you will work on a solution to overcome any problems that may arise.

If your problem cannot be solved by our first level support team, we may forward you to our second level support. There, you will receive the professional assistance of an engineer who is a specialist for your particular application. With this second level support service, we include priority assistance.

Remote & on-site

We offer professional assistance of an experienced product application engineer for your test set-up, during your measurement or for the analysis of your data.

Professional assistance from a trained DEWETRON application engineer is available remotely via phone/internet. This application support is provided hourly, up to 4 hours or for an 8-hour day.

In addition to that, second level support can be on-site as well. Then, one of our product application engineers joins you and your company wherever you are. This is an especially useful option if circumstances prohibit remote support. The service is charged per day.

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Maintenance & repair services

Every test and measurement hardware requires regular, planned and preventative maintenance to perform at optimum levels and prolong the life of the system – also the reliable DAQ systems by DEWETRON. Keep on reading to find out about our offers to support your work.

Service & Repair


With DEWETRON, you can schedule annual system maintenance. Thanks to that, you can extend the lifecycle of your system, avoid downtimes and plan your maintenance whenever it fits your workload best. Our maintenance includes
cleaning, the replacement of filters and cooling fans, reliability updates, virus scans, disk defragment and a complete functional system test.
Additionally, BIOS and TRION firmware and driver updates can be included.

Repair service

DEWETRON promises the highest quality. However, we know that you are operating our systems even in the roughest environments. Therefore, we also know that even the most experienced engineers might encounter incidents that impact their work.

DEWETRON’s well-trained technicians repair your systems within the defined product lifecycle. Furthermore, they include full system checks. In addition to that, we also offer an express repair service. If you make use of this offer, the lead time further decreases. The turnaround then takes 14 days.

System upgrade

Keeping your measurement equipment on the cutting edge of technology facilitates your work a lot. DEWETRON makes that possible with a system upgrade. Simply send us your system and we will upgrade the computer components and configure the entire system. Regular system upgrades will increase the life of your system and maintain the value of your investment.
Older systems might require an inspection prior to an upgrade to ensure that the hardware as well as other components are compatible with the most current configuration(s).

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