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Here at DEWETRON, we manufacture outstanding products and deliver unsurpassed customer care – offering all the service pieces to complete your data acquisition solution. Through customer care, we engage our customers and through that engagement, we begin to understand their goals, which then allow us to not only meet but exceed their expectations.

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Calibration Services

Throughout use, the systems can fall out of calibration and should be calibrated annually to ensure the continued integrity of the measurement data. DEWETRON is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified and offers ISO 17025 or NIST standard calibration service.

There are two levels of calibration certification: NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable and ISO (International Standards Organization) certified. A NIST certification means that the hardware has been tested against NIST’s Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) and meets those exact specifications.

The second level, ISO Certified (ISO 17025 certification) simply means not only that the hardware has been tested against NIST’s (in the US or other countries standards institutes) SRM through an unalterable series of calibrations, but also that the technician is qualified to perform this calibration using established methods of calibration. Accredited calibration is accompanied by a physical certificate.

In order to ensure that our data acquisition and data recording hardware delivers unequaled precision, we have voluntarily sought and received calibration accreditation. Accreditation is a third party reviewed process that requires a regular, thorough evaluation to ensure our sustained technical competence and compliance with ISO/IEC 17025.


Standard Calibration

The measurement results of the standard calibration provided by DEWETRON are NIST traceable. Our US calibration lab is ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant.

All calibration procedures are recorded in the company CRM providing our support and service engineers with a full history of your system on demand. Scheduling annual accredited calibration of your equipment will prioritize your devices in the calibration queue and minimize turnaround time.

Accredited Calibration

Standard calibration service may be upgraded to calibration per EN ISO/IEC 17025.

It also includes manufacturers’ adjustments to ensure the continued integrity of the measurement data.

Accredited calibration service is applicable to individual systems and devices.

Express Calibration

We know that downtime on equipment is unacceptable which is why our calibration turnaround is 14 business days or less following the arrival of your system at our clock.
We also know that in some cases a shorter turnaround is critical. For those occasions, we offer expedited calibration service. This includes all the benefits of standard calibration services within 7 days following the arrival of your system at our clock.

Maintenance & repair services

Test and measurement hardware requires regular, planned and preventative maintenance to perform at optimum levels and lengthen the life of the system. Even data acquisition hardware as reliable as ours. Other offers like DEWETRON’s system upgrade allow you, to keep your preferred measurement equipment in use even longer.

CCC offers Maintenance


Schedule annual system maintenance at a DEWETRON facility. Maintenance includes cleaning, the replacement of filters and cooling fans as needed, reliability updates, virus scan, disk defragment as well as a comprehensive functional system test.
Furthermore, BIOS, TRION firmware and driver updates are made on request.


Repair service

DEWETRON trained technicians will repair systems within the defined product life cycle. Repair includes a full system check.

DEWETRON also offers express repair service. If you make use of this offer, the lead time futher decreases. The turnaround then takes 14 days.

System Upgrade

System upgrade

Keep your equipment on the cutting edge of technology with a system upgrade. We will upgrade the computer components and configure the system. Regular upgrades will prolong the life of your system and maintain the value of your investment.
Older systems may require an inspection before the upgrade to ensure that the hardware and components are compatible with the most current configuration(s).

Support & Rental Services

When technological devices are used, problems may arise. To support you with any occurring problem, we offer you worldwide telephone and online access to a network of support professionals.



Every DEWETRON system includes. This means, you will get worldwide phone and online access to a network of support professionals who will  work with you to solve problems you may encounter along your way.

Rental Service

DEWETRON offers customers the service to simply rent a high-precision test and measurement system. The systems can be either rented month by month or leased for a duration between 6 and 24 months.

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Other Trainings

Classroom Training

At our US headquarters, we offer exclusive classroom trainings. They are available in one and two day sessions. The training format includes lunch, snacks, coffee and soft drinks.

Costs for travel, rental cars and room charges are not included in the tuition fee.

On-site training

On-Site Training

Training may also take place at your site, on your system, by one of DEWETRON’s application engineers. Additional training systems are available for use during on-site instruction.

This training is available for one or more days. Travel and lodging for the DEWETRON instructor is included.

Online Training

We offer a wide range of interactive online trainings discussing a variety of topics. This format follows an interactive approach and approximately takes two hours.

Topics are subject to change, check with your sales representative for a current list of training topics.

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