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Build the Power Analyzer of your dreams

Power Analysis with different chassis


Build the Power Analyzer you need with our dedicated power modules. No matter if you need a small, portable Power Analyzer or one for 19” built-in or test stand, here you will find the perfect high-precision Power Analyzer for every field of application.

We offer a unique combination of flexible hardware with high-end software for high-precision power measurement, analysis and reporting. Measure high-voltage and current in perfect synchronization with further analog inputs such as temperature, vibration or noise as well as other data sources like CAN, SCPI or FlexRay. Use the DEWETRON Mixed Signal Power Analyzer.

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Key Features Data Acquisition Systems


  • Low measurement error (0.03 %)
  • 10 MS/s; raw data recording
  • Acquisition of additional inputs (counter, IEPE, CAN, SCPI, video, thermocouple,…)

Inputs from Data Acquisition Systems


  • Up to 16 power phases (16 x U, 16 x I);
    expandable and distributable
  • Redundant, integrated current transducer supply
  • Test stand integration possibilities

Enjoy maximum flexibility with our power modules

Above all, for electrical measurements you need a wide measurement range and high isolation for each input, which is very safe. For accurate power measurements, our power modules are the right choice.

The TRION(3) power modules have a high safety class (CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V) which guarantees measuring safety. The large measuring range of ±2 kVPEAK with a high 24-bit resolution (without range error) makes it possible to measure both the ‘low’ 110 VAC and the high voltages, both AC and DC; and all this with one and the same data acquisition module.

Choose your suitable power modules, plug them into your DEWE3 DAQ system, turn the system on and get to work. It is that simple.


High flexibility with user-exchangeable power modules

Choose from different models

Since the heart of a DEWETRON Power Analyzer is the TRION(3) power module, it can of course be placed in any DEWETRON system. From the ultra-compact TRIONet3 to the portable DEWE3-A4 and the large DEWE3-RM systems for fixed installation at e.g. test stands. In case you have several measurement positions that are locally distributed you can connect several chassis via network and create a distributed data acquisition system to keep the sensor cables short and minimize the EMC influence.


DEWE3-PA8 highspeed Power Analyzer DEWE3-PA8-RM as a customer application
Power Analyzer
Power Analyzer
Power Analyzer
Power Analyzer
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Power phases Up to 4 Up to 8 Up to 16 Up to 16
Sampling rate 10 MS/s/ch 10 MS/s/ch 10 MS/s/ch 10 MS/s/ch
TRION(3) slots 2 x TRION(3) 4 x TRION(3) 8 x TRION(3) 8 x TRION(3)
Measurement error
of analog input U, I
0.03 % 0.03 % 0.03 % 0.03 %
Reading error
of power measurement
0.04 % 0.04 % 0.04 % 0.04 %
Weight Typ. 1.9 kg (4.2 lb.) Typ. 5.9 kg (13 lb.) Typ. 14 kg (30.9 lb.) Typ. 15.8 kg (34.8 lb.)
(W x D x H)
320 x 205 x 55 mm
(12.6 x 8 x 2.2 in.)
317 x 253 x 124 mm
(12.5 x 10 x 4.9 in.)
441 x 435 x 222 mm
(17.4 x 17.1 x 8.7 in.)
5 u, 19” rack-mount
442 x 435 x 222 mm
(17.4 x 17.1 x 8.7 in.)
5 u, 19” rack-mount

   18-bit A/D Conversion   10 MS/s/ch        Icon for 1000 V    Icon for direct input with 24 ampere    Icon raw data recording    CAT IV Safety Category    Icon for IEC 61000-4    icon for 6P6W

High accuracy
across the entire bandwidth

Thanks to the low measurement error of 0.03 %, the Power Analyzer achieves very high accuracy, even with low range utilization. Precision accuracy is guaranteed through the whole analysis.

Diagram of Power Accuracy versus Frequency shows extremly little Measurement Error
OXYGEN Recording with high Data Rates up to 1 GB/s

Raw data recording

Waveform data, mixed signals and power analysis? A DEWETRON Power Analyzer combines all.

Reliable gapless raw data recording of any analog or digital signal and high performance power calculation of several power groups simultaneously.

100 % SYNC of additional signals

Our Power Analyzers are also mixed-signal recorders, which means you only need ONE system for all inputs. Just expand your Power Analyzer with additional TRION modules for other signals/sensors like: electrical data, mechanical data, vehicle bus data, video, sound, positioning data, etc.

One Power Analyzer for the synchronized acquisition of different signals – even raw data – and their storage in one data file.

Profit from high Dynamic Range

DEWETRON’s power modules provide fast acquisition rates up to 10 MS/s and 18-bit A/D conversion as well as the best linearity of signal conditioning. In addition, the power modules offer the highest dynamic performance in the whole input range: up to 1000 V (±2000 VPEAK) and 20 A (±40 APEAK) with the highest possible accuracy for all your dynamic applications.

The power accuracy of the DEWETRON power analyzer is stunning. Compared to other power analyzers available on the market, DEWETRON offers a constant power accuracy of 0.04 % from 0.5 Hz to 1000 Hz fundamental frequency. This is the key requirement for test bed applications to achieve high-precision results over a wide frequency range.

High-end Power Analysis with OXYGEN

The Power Analyzer can use its full potential with our easy-to-use OXYGEN measurement software, which supports you with a huge amount of software features. OXYGEN seamlessly integrates data being transmitted through multiple, totally synchronized signals into calculations for power analysis.

  • Analysis of 1-9 phase power systems (1P2W, 2V2A, 3P3W, 3P4W, 6P6W, …)
  • Several power systems are logically summarized into power groups
  • Gapless cycle-by-cycle calculation, no blind spots
software for power analysis and power measurement
power analyzer test stand integration

Easy Test stand integration

Smart interface technology makes it easy to integrate a DEWETRON Power Analyzer into test stands environments or automation systems, such as PAtools® from Kratzer Automation. Depending on the system architecture of the test bench, DEWETRON instruments are equipped with the right interface to ensure reliable data transmission, easy-to-use remote control and remote configuration, e.g. through TCP/I-based protocols.

Icon for Gigabit Ethernet Icon for USB 3.0 icon for EtherCAT Icon for SCPI CAN-FD interface Icon for XCP Data Stream over Ethernet

e-NVH and e-power testing for e-drives

Partnership with Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme

To provide customized tools for e-motor development, DEWETRON and Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme provide an integrated testing solution for e-NVH and e-power.
DEWETRONs precise Power Analyzers can stream their data into the PAK live.hub from Müller-BBM Vibroakustik Systeme. The data is synchronized and can be used to analyze the correlation of the electrical and acoustical domain with PAK.

More details in our Müller-BBM VAS & DEWETRON cooperation brochure



Whitepaper Effcient Analyzation of Dynamic Electric Vehicles

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