Data Acquisition Hardware for Measurement Systems

Customizable, Universal and Modular Data Acquisition and Measurement systems

DEWETRON’s universal and modular data acquisition hardware offers flexible and easily customized system configurations. For example, these hardware systems can be configured to acquire data from 1 to thousands of channels.

Choose the ideal chassis for your test environment – portable, mainframe or channel extension – and let us know if you need help configuring your DAQ system so it is the perfect solution for your application.

All-in-one Systems

All-in-one systems include signal conditioning + A/D conversion + computer + display

All-in-One systems with built-in display are the most convenient data acquisition hardware systems for mobile applications.

These systems are equipped with a powerful PC inside and are easily configured.



Mainframe systems include signal conditioning + A/D conversion + computer

Mainframes are very popular for test benches and environments that are poorly accessible or hazardous to people.

To that end, the compact and flexible DAQ hardware mainframes are used with external displays.




Front-ends include signal conditioning + A/D conversion

Front-end data acquisition hardware is high-speed channel expansion for other DEWETRON DAQ hardware systems.

Connect them via USB, Ethernet, PCIe or Thunderbolt.


Industrial PCs /
19” units

Industrial PCs: from benchtop or 19”-rackmount units for in-lab-use to ultra portable instruments for field-use

Industrial PCs are used on the bench top or as 19”-rack mount units in the lab or as ultra portable instruments in the field.



Turnkey systems are data acquisition hardware systems for specialized measurement applications.

Choose one of our hardware solutions already configured for your specialized application. For example, our Power Analyzer, Stream Machine, Transient recorder, or Power Quality Analyzer.

In contrast to completely customized Test & Measurement systems, these systems will ship sooner and are more cost effective..

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