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OXYGEN 7.1 – Our first upgrade for OXYGEN 7

05/06/2024 | General, OXYGEN Software

Following the major advancements introduced in OXYGEN 7.0, we are excited to unveil our latest update: OXYGEN 7.1. This first update focusses mainly on the improvement of the counter groups, enhancements to the sensor database, adjustments to the channel lists and many other upgrades. Explore the sections below to discover how OXYGEN 7.1 will streamline your workflow and the new features you can look forward to.




New features


Counter option improvements

We introduced a moving average filter in the counter modes “Events,” “Encoder,” and “Frequency” to overall enhance measurement accuracy. In detail the angle-based moving average filter significantly reduces the overlying noise band, making it easier to detect oscillations in speed and torque signals. Further, this filter improves frequency accuracy for encoders with high jitter.

For Event and Encoder mode the filter length can be defined in pulses. Initially, a default value based on the specified pulses/revolution is automatically set. A filter length of 1 pulse equals no smoothing. For the Frequency mode, a filter length can be defined in msec ranging from 0 to 2000 ms. The default value is determined by the equation: 2/resample rate. A filter length of 0 ms equals no smoothing. For all modes a recommended max. speed is shown. This indicates up to which speed level the performed calculations allow accurate computation.

Fig. 1: New counter improvements for mode “Frequency” (top), “Events” (middle), and “Encoder” (bottom).


Setup creation via *.xml file

With OXYGEN 7.1, we introduce a new and straightforward method to create a *.dms setup using XML. This streamlined approach serves as an efficient alternative to native *.dms files, which require detailed knowledge of OXYGEN internals to update or create manually.

The simplified XML format is designed to efficiently configure OXYGEN and the necessary measurement equipment for specific tasks. Users can define:

  • sync settings,
  • definition of measurement systems and devices,
  • channel setup,
  • triggers,
  • recording settings.

Settings not specified in the XML file will be loaded with OXYGEN’s default settings. For a detailed guide with examples, refer to our online help. An example of a channel setup is shown in Fig. 2. If the XML file contains erroneous syntax, OXYGEN will generate a warning at the start of the file, highlighting the potential error. The erroneous settings will not be used, and OXYGEN will apply default settings instead.

Fig. 2: Left: example syntax of specific channel setup; right: error warning if erroneous syntax.


Sensor database extensions

The following functionalities have been added to our sensor database:

  • Channel settings can be copied to the sensor database.
  • Settings can be applied to a new sensor or settings of an existing sensor can be overwritten.
  • The sensor database is now also available for XR channels.

Fig. 3: New sensor database functionalities.


New control instrument

With the Control Instrument, we introduce a new tool that enables specific control actions depending on the selected “Control Type”. The latest update features the “Shunt” Control Type, enabling “Bridge Shunting” directly on the measurement screen. Users can toggle all analog inputs in bridge mode during measurements, with an option to automatically turn off shunts after a user-defined period. More control types will be implemented to ease specific actions in OXYGEN in the near future.

Fig. 4: Left: Control Type Shunt with 2 shunts off; right: control instrument icon


Channel list order adjustments

Users can now change the order of the “Math channels” in the channel section. This allows to rearrange single channels as well as channel subgroups within and between different Math-groups. To rearrange channels, first activate “Channel sorting” ① and then use the drag-and-drop icon ② next to the channels to move them as desired.

Fig. 5: Channel list highlighting the “Channel Sorting” ① and drag-and-drop ② buttons.


New export features

With OXYGEN 7.1 we offer two new export features for *.xlsx, *.csv, and *.txt-files. First, it is now possible to define the channel order for export. To do so, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the “Export Settings” and select the desired channels (①).
  2. Go to Order Tab (②).
  3. Change channel export order (③) via drag-and-drop.
  4. Check Export in configured order (④) and export the data.

Fig. 6: Change export channel order.

Secondly, we implemented an option to export waveform data at a reduced sample rate. Predefined export rates ranging from 1 Hz to 10 kHz are available.

Fig. 7: Export with reduced sample rate possible.


DataStream Plugin improvements

The DataStream Plugin now supports offline use in PLAY mode, allowing you to stream data from a *.dmd file to third-party applications. We added a new ANALYSIS command set, enabling the opening and closing of *.dmd files. Additionally, new DSTREAM commands allow you to start and stop data replay. There are two replay modes available:

  • Live: streams data at the speed of the live mode (real-time).
  • Bulk: streams data as quickly as possible (speed mainly depends on network and hardware limitations).

For exact syntax and detailed instructions, please refer to the manuals at DEWETRON Documentation.


Further updates

Change the name of Math groups ①
You can now rename Math groups after creation within the channel settings.

OXYGEN autostart ②
Users can enable OXYGEN to automatically start at logon via the “Startup Settings.”

Connector pin-put & sensor connection ③
Connector pinout and sensor connection schematics are now available within OXYGEN. View them under the “Pin Out & Connections” tab in the channel settings.

Issues and errata news
If “Enable checking for updates” is enabled in the “OXYGEN News” section, OXYGEN will display a popup when a new entry is added to our Issues and Errata online list. Note that an internet connection is required.

Fig. 8: ① Change group name; ② Enabling OXYGEN autostart, ③ Pinout & Connection tab


Try OXYGEN 7.1 right now!

If you are already a DEWETRON customer and now want to test our new updates, go to our Customer Care Center  (CCC) and download OXYGEN 7.1. In addition to the required installation files, the CCC also provides further beneficial OXYGEN tools like manuals, video clips, demo data, and much more.

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