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White paper: Electromotive force and resolver offset

24/04/2024 | Whitepaper, Knowledge


This white paper delves into the exploration of Back EMF and resolver technologies within the realm of electrical engineering and machine analysis. It discusses their fundamental principles, practical applications, and critical roles in various industrial sectors, emphasizing their significance in end-of-line tests, motor control systems, and beyond. The text highlights the rich potential of Back EMF as a diagnostic tool for monitoring the health and performance of electric motors and generators, as well as the importance of resolver technology in providing accurate position feedback in demanding environments. Furthermore, it showcases DEWETRON‘s mixed signal approach, which utilizes a single data acquisition system for multiple measuring tasks, offering versatility and efficiency in analyzing signals and performing complex computations. Overall, the white paper underscores the ongoing relevance of these technologies in driving engineering innovation and addressing real-world challenges across diverse industrial applications.



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