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DEWETRON’s LITE[PA]: The easy-to-integrate standard power analyzer

21/06/2024 | Hardware, General

In the ever-dynamic field of power analysis, precision, versatility, and ease of integration are crucial. DEWETRON’s LITE[PA] Power Analyzer embodies these qualities, providing a reliable solution for laboratory use, test stands, and end-of-line applications. Available in 4 or 8-phase configurations, this high-precision Power Analyzer is designed to meet the high demands of modern power measurement tasks.

Standard Power Analyzer LITE[PA]

Fig. 1: The LITE[PA] standard power analyzer

Expansion of the current product range

In addition to our advanced power analyzers like the DEWE3-PA8, we’re expanding our product lineup with the LITE[PA]— our standard power analyzer. The key difference between our “advanced” and “standard” models lies in both the pricing and modularity.

Our advanced Power Analyzers offer full modularity, allowing you to record additional signals such as sound, vibration, temperature, and many more. They also feature the ability to store raw data at sampling rates of up to 10 MS/s for in-depth analysis. With various synchronization options available and some models equipped with an EtherCat interface for seamless system integration and integrated current transducer power supply, they offer comprehensive functionality.

Conversely, the LITE[PA] is a fixed system, offering simplicity and reliability out of the box. It comes equipped with either 4 or 8 fixed high-voltage inputs and 4 or 8 selectable sub-modules for seamless integration into your power analysis setup.

Unmatched measurement precision

The LITE[PA] offers remarkable power accuracy, maintaining a constant 0.04% accuracy from 0.5 Hz to 1000 Hz fundamental frequency. This level of precision is unmatched in the market. This high precision over a wide frequency range plus its cost-efficiency make the LITE[PA] an essential tool for test stand applications.

The LITE[PA] ensures high-precision measurements with its proven input modules, designed for compatibility with all common current sensors. Standard inputs for speed and torque make it particularly suitable for testing electric motors. With a range of interfaces including CAN, Ethernet, and USB, data exchange is seamless and efficient. Additional submodules enable the connection of current clamps and direct current measurements, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all your measurement needs.


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Streamlined data integration

When it comes to laboratory use, test stands, or end-of-line applications, the LITE[PA] stands out as the ideal choice. Easy integration into host systems is essential, and with the LITE[PA], it’s effortless. Transfer data to testbed controls seamlessly through SCPI, Ethernet UDP, or CAN protocols, with the option for XCP available upon request. Our power SCPI command library simplifies remote configuration and control, empowering you to load predefined setups, adjust channel configurations, and set triggers with remarkable ease.

User-friendly experience

The LITE[PA] prioritizes user-friendliness with its bright 11.6” multi-touch Full HD display, ensuring straightforward operation. Navigating the intuitive OXYGEN software is a breeze, thanks to its simple multi-touch gestures and smart visuals, reminiscent of using a smartphone. For those who prefer traditional input methods, connecting a keyboard and mouse is always possible.

Setting up measurements is a snap with our measurement software OXYGEN. Within minutes, you can configure basic measurements, like a 6-phase system with 1000 A current transformers and display all typical power parameters. OXYGEN offers flexibility with custom view designs using drag-and-drop functionality. Accessing advanced online data processing features, including mathematics, statistics, and filtering, is seamless. Plus, efficiency maps of drive trains can be calculated and displayed in real-time. For offline analysis and reporting, the software can be installed license-free on any number of analysis PCs, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Power Analyzer with mulititouch display

Fig. 2: The LITE[PA] in use on a test stand

Enhanced capabilities

Take the LITE[PA] to the next level with our XR modules, unlocking a wealth of expansion possibilities. These modules enable the acquisition of temperature, by either using thermocouples or RTDs, as well as current or voltage measurements, expanding the versatility of your power analysis setup., Each of the 8 measurement channels comes with its own A/D converter, offering a sampling rate of up to 200 Hz. This ensures precise data acquisition, providing you with the capability to conduct detailed analysis and gain deeper insights into your data.

In conclusion, DEWETRON’s LITE[PA] Power Analyzer is the epitome of cost-efficiency and high accuracy. Its easy integration, user-friendly interface, rack-mount capability, and expansion options make it a standout choice for a wide range of applications, including laboratories, test stands, and end-of-line operations. With seamless data integration and a host of features tailored to meet diverse needs, the LITE[PA] is poised to streamline your power analysis tasks while delivering precise results, every time.

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