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Efficiency Measurement of a Step-Down Converter in OXYGEN

05/06/2020 | Knowledge, Video
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Over the past couple of years, we have seen a tremendous improvement in efficiency in almost any technical field. As a result of these developments, the entire test and measurement industry feels the impact and needs to adjust to new standards. However, these newly arisen standards often replace the processes we have known so far and change the way how we work.

Ever-increasing performance demands require us to constantly monitor the efficiency of our systems. Therefore, we want to introduce you to the efficiency measurement of a step-down converter (buck converter). To do so, we use DEWETRON’s measurement software OXYGEN. Keep on reading, to find out more about the high requirements our experts have to deal with during the efficiency measurement of a step-down converter. In addition to that, we produced a video in which one of our engineers guides you through the various stages of the measurement. He comprehensively shows how to set up the analog channels. Furthermore, he explains the formulas and statistics you need for the measurement. Step-by-step he extensively walks you through the required tasks until you receive a multi-page PDF-report.

Efficiency Measurement of a Step-Down Converter

We are confronted with converters as well as inverters every single day. No matter whether it is a frequency converter for e-mobility, a solar inverter for photovoltaic power plants (industrial extent or private use on roofs) or any other application. We expect that these devices operate with efficiencies that are above 96 %. However, to determine the efficiency accurately and reliably imposes high demands on the data acquisition system as well: it is paramount that the system provides appropriate AC-DC voltage as well as current inputs with the highest accuracy (< 0.05 %). Therefore, frequency tracking and the synchronous cycle-based power calculation of the AC- and DC-side are not only mandatory but also the key for a successful performance of this measurement task. In the following video, our expert guides you through the measurement little by little.

Video Guide

One of our experts prepared a video guide for the efficiency measurement of a step-down converter. During the video, he takes you along every single step to successfully complete the task.


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