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Power Analyzers for Electric Motors & Drive Systems

19/06/2020 | Hardware, Whitepaper
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Electric motors have evolved massively over the past. While 3-phase systems were a standard for a long time, slowly but surely electric motors with 6 or 9 phases entered the automotive industry. In contrast to this major development of electric motors, the test and measurement industry experienced stagnation. As a result of this missing alignment, a holistic power calculation for electric motors using traditional methods of power analysis was no longer possible without accepting additional costs (e.g. for synchronization, extensions, additional software licenses and increased calibration effort). As a response to these circumstances, DEWETRON developed an innovative, time-saving and easily adjustable measuring technology capable to overcome the previously in the industry prevalent limitations for the power calculation of electric motors.

Power calculation of electric motors

As a leading player in the test and measurement industry, we have seen the challenges our customers experience. In addition to that, we know how to overcome them and provide the right solutions. As we want to share our thereby collected knowledge with you, we wrote a whitepaper to introduce you to the most innovative and advanced form of power analysis. You can download the whitepaper here for free:

Download Whitepaper

The whitepaper elaborates on previously mentioned issues during the calculation of electric motors, gives you solutions and explains their consequences.

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