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The Precision Touchpad Upgrade of the DEWE3-A4

08/10/2021 | General, Hardware
Upgrade precision touchpad

After releasing a new version of our measurement software OXYGEN last week (more about version 5.7 here), we again have good news for DEWETRON users. This time, we worked hard to further improve the user experience when working with a DEWE3-A4 which for instance includes a free touchpad upgrade to the precision touchpad newly released by Microsoft.


What about the touchpad has changed?

In short, the current touchpad configuration recognizes the touchpad of the DEWE3-A4 as a USB mouse. However, this entails that currently available gestures differ from the ones known on laptops. Due to the new upgrade to Microsoft‘s precision touchpad, that changes. In addition, the upgrade enables further features, however, it also changes some of its functionalities. Therefore, you can find an overview of the differences in the table below.

Vertical two finger scroll up Picture scroll up Picture scroll down
Vertical two finger scroll down Picture scroll down Picture scroll up

Table 1: Functions of the touchpad


In addition to the changes explained in the table above, the new upgrade unlocks further features through various gestures such as single- or two-finger clicks, etc. So, to see the entire range of possibilities, navigate to the Windows system settings of your measurement system, go to the devices section and click on the touchpad option in the list on the left side of the pop-up window. You can see an overview in the screenshot below.


Screenshot of the touchpad settings of a Windows system

Figure 1: Screenshot of the windows settings


How to get the free precision touchpad upgrade

If you have previously acquired a DEWE3-A4 (revision 3.1 or higher), you are applicable for the free upgrade. Hence, to guarantee an easy transition, we prepared a document with step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the upgrade and points out what you need to consider beforehand.

Click here to get the step-by-step instructions

Click here to get to the Zip-File


Get to know DEWETRON

DEWETRON develops and also manufactures high-precision test and measurement systems. Among DEWETRON’s customers, you can find companies operating in sectors including aerospace & defense, automotive industries, energy & power analysis as well as manufacturing & industrial. Next to hardware with sophisticated technology, DEWETRON develops the intuitive data acquisition and analysis software called OXYGEN. Further, we complement our offer with unsurpassed service and support.

Enjoy browsing through the rest of our DEWETRON website for more information about DEWETRON and its portfolio. Moreover, we recommend following our latest updates (for instance, video tutorialswhitepapers, and webinars) which we frequently publish on LinkedIn and YouTube as well. Moreover, we are always looking forward to reading from you. Simply send us a message.


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DEWE2-A4 as well as DEWE3-A4 systems can benefit of this upgrade – before upgrading, read the instructions carefully.

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