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High-speed DEWE3-A4 for mobile data acquisition

The DEWE3-A4 DAQ system is the best solution for portable all-in-one data acquisition. The four TRION(3) slots for up to 32 analog measurement inputs and the 1 TB data SSD, in combination with the intuitive OXYGEN measurement software, make it universally and flexibly applicable. Whether field measurements, in the vehicle, or on the test bench – the measurement possibilities with this compact and rugged system are limitless.

  • Up to 32 analog inputs (via exchangeable TRION(3) modules)
  • Digital inputs, counter and CAN integrated
  • Up to 10 MS/s simultaneous sampling rate
  • Comprehensive SYNC options
  • Isolated DC power supply & optional battery pack

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DEWE3-A4 high-speed All-in-One measurement system

Key Features Data Acquisition Systems


  • Opt. battery pack + UPS buffer for <5 min
  • 13.3” multi-touch display
  • Able to be a Power Analyzer

Interfaces from Data Acquisition Systems


  • 32 analog inputs
  • 10 kS to 10 MS/s
  • Sync, CAN, DIOs, counter integrated

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Chassis Controller for more flexibility

The Chassis Controller upgrade brings enormous space and cost savings. The Chassis Controller offers functionalities that previously required up to three separate TRION modules: TRION-BASE, TRION-CAN and TRION-TIMING.

Now the connectors for counter, CAN, GPS, PTP, IRIG, PPS and digital inputs and outputs are built directly into the housing. This leaves these TRION slots now free for the use of other analog or digital TRION(3) modules.

Multi-touch usage

The DEWE3-A4 is equipped with a bright 13.3” wide-screen multi-touch full HD display to control the system. You can use your fingers on the touchscreen, like you would on a smartphone. For example, drag the sidebar from the right side across the screen to open the channel setup.

Additionally, the DAQ system can be controlled via a multi-touch touchpad with 2 designated keys. Pressing on the touch-pad also triggers a keystroke.

OXYGEN Measurement Software

The DEWE3-A4 can use its full potential with our easy-to-use OXYGEN measurement software, which supports you with a huge amount of software features that are continuously extended with each new release.

One of the core features of OXYGEN is powerful data recording. All the acquired data can be stored in one data file with a simple touch on the record button. With the right hardware, you can achieve data rates up to 1 GB/s, you don’t have to bother to lose anything.

  • DejaView to review data during recording
  • File-split option for generating a new file after an amount of time, event occurrence or on absolute time
  • Channel-wise sample rate selection
  • Open on any PC with the installed OXYGEN software (for FREE)

OXYGEN Recording with high Data Rates up to 1 GB/s

User-exchangeable TRION3 & TRION Modules

The DEWE3-A4 supports all high-speed TRION3 and TRION modules. DEWETRON offers TRION(3) modules for almost every sensor and inputs like current, voltage, power, vibration (IEPE), bridges (strain gauges), potentiometers, RTD, CAN, counter inputs, thermocouples, etc. Use external time sources for synchronization, like GPS, PTP or IRIG.

Choose from different TRION3 & TRION modules

User exchangeable TRION™ data acquisition modules can be change within seconds

Independent Power Supply

The optional battery pack turns the DEWE3-A4 into a completely independent data acquisition system. The three rechargeable batteries last for up to two hours of operation. Due to the “hot-swap technology”, the batteries can be exchanged during ongoing measurement and enable mobile continuous operation without an external power supply.

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CAN & RS485 Modules

The external, multi-channel CPAD and EPAD modules combine analog signal conditioning and A/D converter in an extremely rugged box – CAN or RS485 interface

Connect external, multichannel modules and combine analog signal conditioning and A/D converter in an extreme rugged box which can be daisychained.

CPAD3 series: high galvanic isolation via high-speed CAN, 100 Hz per channel
CPAD2 series: CAN interface, 12 Hz per channel
EPAD2 series: RS-485 interface, 12 Hz per channel

Here you find the best CPAD2/CPAD3/EPAD3 module for your application

Different external, multichannel CPAD and EPAD modules can be connected and combine analog signal conditioning and A/D converter in an extreme rugged box

Video data acquisition


Alvium-G1-240 GigE industrial camera

DEWETRON also offers suitable accessories for video recording. The small, lightweight ALVIUM industrial camera ensures high image quality with up to 126 fps at a resolution of 1936 x 1216 px (2.4 MP).

The perfect synchronization of the videos to all other measured data is done by a hardware trigger directly from the DEWE3-A4 data acquisition system.

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