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Networked DAQ system for lane keeping assistant tests

15/10/2021 | Whitepaper, Hardware

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, also known as ADAS, are nowadays implemented in almost every new car. Those systems use integrated sensors and cameras as well as artificial intelligence to increase the car and road safety. One essential new part of ADAS is the lane keeping assistant. His job is to ensure that a vehicle doesn’t leave the designated traffic lane. The aim of DEWETRON’s test and measurement systems is to make the world more predictable, efficient, and safe. One contribution to reach that goal is to provide networked data acquisition systems for lane keeping assistant tests.

Are you curious how our measurement systems are setup to conduct a lane keeping assistant test? Then you either continue reading or you directly switch to the complete application note about this topic.


Challenges during a lane keeping assistant test

The development, test and verification of lane keeping assistants is one of the most complex challenges when developing an Advanced Driver Assistant System. Parameters like the absolute position of the vehicle under test (VUT) and the vehicle bus data need to be controlled. Furthermore, the distance of the VUT to the lane delimitations and adjacent vehicles need to be determined highly accurate and updated online.

The user faces the following challenges:

  • Synchronous acquisition and storage of different data streams in multiple VUTs
  • Central control unit for quick and remote system setup
  • Online data transmission to one central system
  • Safe operation even over long distances
  • Absolute position and movement determination of every VUT
  • Online distance calculation between all VUTs
  • Online distance calculation to lane delimitations
  • Synchronous video recording for visual reference
  • Comparison of vehicle bus data and measurement data

DEWETRON’s solution

To meet the mentioned challenges, DEWETRON provides the hardware and software you need to reliably test a lane keeping assistant. Get to know the specifications of the used measurement system, modules and cameras that have been used during our example application. Furthermore, we introduce our measurement software OXYGEN and show, how certain software options can be of advantage during a lane keeping assistant test.

For detailed information, read our new application note!

Would you like to get more information about DEWETRON test and measurement systems can be beneficial for ADAS testing? Watch our video to get an impression.

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