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10 questions about the TRION3-AOUT-8

11/06/2021 | Hardware

We know that we published a lot of information about our new Analog Output Board in the past weeks. To ensure that you keep the overview, the following ten questions summarize the most important facts about our new module.

What is the new Analog Output Board?

The new Analog Output Board offers highspeed data acquisition. It can be used as a standalone module or as add-on to the TRION3-18×0-MULTI-8L0B.

What operating modes are possible?

As standalone module, the new board is a pure analog out board and provides 8 analog output channels for the operating modes Constant Output, Function Generator or Stream Output. In combination with the TRION3-18×0-MULTI-8LOB, the Analog Output Board is called TRION3-18×0-MULTI-AOUT and additionally provides a Monitor Output and a Math Output.

How does the Monitor Output mode work?

This output mode puts out the conditioned signal of one analog input of the TRION3-18×0-MULTI-AOUT. It is typically used for signal conditioning applications or redundant data acquisition applications.

How does the Math Output mode work?

The Math Output is a useful mode to output the mathematical sum, difference, or product of two analog input channels. It can be used when the Analog Output Board is used in combination with the TRION3-18×0-MULTI-8L0B. The operation result is scaled to the output range of the output channel and can either be a voltage or a current signal. Applications where the mathematical combination of two signals is fed back to a controller for regulation purposes are typical use-cases for this operation mode.

How does the Constant Output mode work?

To output a static signal, use the Constant Output mode. The output can either be a voltage signal from -10 V to +10 V or a current signal from -30 mA to +30 mA.

How does the Function Generator mode work?

The Function Generator can be used to output predefined waveforms or customized signal patterns.

How does the Stream Output mode work?

You can use the Stream Output mode to replay previously recorded data files. You can load data files into the current OXYGEN session and assign synchronous channels to the analog output channels for replaying them. The output signal can be a voltage or current signal and the user can edit the scaling from input to output. In our whitepaper, we explain the use-case of the Stream Output in detail.

What specifications does the TRION3-AOUT-8 board offer?

The new Analog Output Board offers 8 analog output channels available on a DSUB37 connector. The first three channels are also available on BNC connectors for better accessibility. The other channels are only available on the DSUB connector due to limited space. 8 Digital Inputs and 4 Digital Outputs make the Analog Output Board complete.

What specifications do the different DAC modes provide?

The TRION3-AOUT-8 provides two different DAC modes differing in their output rate, resolution and latency. The module can be used in highspeed mode or in high-resolution mode. The following table shows the specifications for each mode:


What else do you want to know?

We hope that you were able to get good insights into the functionality of our new Analog Output Board. For further information, we recommend joining our webinar about the new board!
Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions. We are always happy to answer them! Instead of writing a formal e-mail you can of course also write us on LinkedIn.

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