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TKH Airport Solutions – Application Example // Whitepaper

18/06/2021 | General, Hardware, Whitepaper
TKH Airport Solutions Featuring Picture for Whitepaper

TKH Airport Solutions – the provider of airfield ground lighting (AGL) – relies on DEWETRON‘s high-precision test and measurement solutions. To be more precise, the company makes use of the benefits that DEWETRON’s DEWE2-A13 provides. In the following whitepaper by TKH airport solutions, you can find out how the measurement system helps to simply and efficiently overcome previous challenges.



About TKH Airport Solutions (TKH AS)

TKH Airport Solutions (TKH AS) is one of the leaders in Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL), providing for instance a complete range of LED and CEDD® AGL products. Thereby, TKH Airport Solutions build upon the know-how from a long and successful tradition of pioneering developments in the AGL and connectivity industry.

The changing aviation industry now calls for innovations more than ever before. Airports need to adopt new and sustainable high-tech systems to become ready for the future. That is why TKH Airport Solutions introduced a new technology within the existing product range of LED lights: CEDD® AGL. A smart and sustainable solution for airports that increases the efficiency, safety and, reliability of the AGL infrastructure. With CEDD® AGL TKH Airport Solutions seamlessly integrate the modern needs of airports with new airfield lighting technology.

TKH Airport Solutions originated from three independent entities:

  • USE System Engineering B.V. with smart connectivity and energy distribution technologies (CEDD® technology and applications) from The Netherlands
  • HELLA KGaA’s airfield lighting division with LED fixtures from Germany
  • Induperm A/S from Denmark

Together, these three companies found common strengths and created an important synergy to form TKH Airport Solutions. In addition to that, as a part of TKH group, the company can build on more than 90 years of experience in smart connectivity, energy distribution, and AGL.


The conditions of AGL projects

A typical AGL project comprises a plurality of components including for instance:

  • several TKH AS own and third-party system building blocks spread across a large restricted airport area like runways and taxiways
  • long mixed voltage cable infrastructure where each circuit typically consists of up to 8 km of wiring
  • more than 10,000 lights (with light-to-light distances between 7,5 and up to 60 m)
  • harsh environments due to high or low ambient temperature conditions (standard requirement from -55 °C to 75 °C)

Overview AGL System RunwayFigure 1: Schematic overview of a runway AGL system


The need for a highly precise measurement system for TKH Airport Solutions

An Airfield Ground Lighting is an overarching system that manufacturers rarely supply as an integrated system. Instead, it is usually an integration of many subsystems supplied by different manufacturers. Above all, the perfect coordination and interaction of all the individual subsystems represent a critical success factor. Therefore, it requires extensive testing to guarantee flawless integration. The key challenge of this measurement task roots in the complexity of the integration. While all the individual system components work correctly as long as they operate independently, malfunctions appear as soon as the components interact with each other as an integrated system. To clarify the underlying reasons for the abnormal behavior, the team conducted a root cause analysis of the entire system. However, due to the very busy operational situation at the airport, physical access to the system is limited. Hence, a highly reliable measurement system with remote access is required.



Why TKH AS chose to work with DEWETRON

Due to the previously explained demanding requirements of the measurement task, TKH Airport Solutions decided to rely on DEWETRON’s DEWE2-A13. The reasons why TKH Airport Solutions ultimately chose a DEWETRON DAQ system were:

  • perfect synchronization of events in timestamps
  • reliability of the measurement system and data in a harsh environment
  • easy expandability of the measuring system and channels
  • high channel density and high galvanic isolation for each channel
  • self-explaining, user-friendly and intuitive hardware, and software
  • easy to integrate into the existing test environment to integrate smoothly

For more information about the application, download the whitepaper of TKH Airport Solutions.

DEWE2-A13 in action at TKH Airport Solutions

Figure 2: DEWE2-A13 at the TKH Airport Solutions site



DEWETRON is the manufacturer of high precision test & measurement equipment and developer of intuitive measurement software. DEWETRON’s data acquisition systems fulfill the highest demands and comply with international norms and standards. Hence, many customers around the globe rely on DEWETRON’s products. Our customers operate for instance areas like energy & power analysisautomotive industrymanufacturing & industrial as well as aerospace & defense.


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