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DEWETRON’s Analog Output Modules || Whitepaper

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DEWETRON has finally revealed its long-awaited analog output modules. However, instead of only one signal conditioning module for analog outputs, DEWETRON introduces two versions. Therefore, there is the stand-alone TRION3-AOUT-8 on the one hand. On the other hand, we also developed an add-on to the already existing TRION3-18×0-MULTI-L0B – the new TRION3-18×0-MULTI-AOUT-8. Hence, to see DEWETRON’s response to analog outputs, download the free whitepaper by using the button below.

Analog Output Modules – Whitepaper Download


More about the analog output modules

In the whitepaper, you will find out more about the five operating modes of the new signal conditioning modules. This means you will find out details about

  • Monitor output
  • Math output
  • Constant output
  • Function generator
  • Stream output

Hence, simply download our new whitepaper to learn more about the details.

Analog Output Modules - The new TRION3-1820-MULTI-AOUT-8

Figure 1: DEWE3-PA8 power analyzer with several signal conditioning modules including the new TRION3-1820-MULTI-AOUT-8



DEWETRON is the manufacturer of high-precision test and measurement technology. In addition to the new analog output modules, we offer a wide range of TRION and TRION3 signal conditioning modules. Due to the modular design of DEWETRON’s data acquisition systems, it is possible to flexibly adjust your DAQ system for any measurement tasks. DEWETRON’s customers operate in sectors like aerospaceautomotivepowerenergy, industrial, and many more. Thereby, customers benefit from our renowned all-inclusive packages. This means next to state-of-the-art hardware, DEWETRON develops the number one data acquisition and analysis software OXYGEN. Moreover, you can find out more about our unsurpassed service and support here.

DEWETRON enhances #lifelonglearning. Therefore, we frequently share useful information (like video tutorialswhitepapers, and webinars) on LinkedIn and YouTube. Follow us to never miss any updates. Moreover, if you are looking for additional information or personal assistance, you can simply send us a message.


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Download the Whitepaper

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Close up of the new analog output modules


Figure 2: TRION3-AOUT-8


Figure 3: TRION3-1820-MULTI-AOUT-8

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