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Expansion options for your measurement systems

09/04/2021 | Hardware

No matter how many channels your measurement system offers to solve your measurement tasks, sometimes it is just not enough. Especially during measurements in rough environments, you sometimes need an expansion to your measurement device that can be used in special environmental conditions or very small spaces. Our CPAD and EPAD modules combine analog signal conditioning and an A/D converter in an extreme rugged box. The option to use EPADs in environments between -40 and +85 °C enable you to use them almost anywhere. Even if they are frozen, they still work without problems. From channel to channel and from channel to bus, power and chassis – the CPAD and EPAD modules are fully isolated.


Multi-channel modules CPAD3

The modules of our CPAD3 series combine analog signal conditioning with an A/D converter in an extremely rugged box. Both the CPAD3-V8 and the CPAD3-TH8 offer 8 measurement channels with a very low-noise 20 bit A/D converter per channel. They provide a sampling rate of 100 Hz and high galvanic isolation of 1500 V. Both have a standard CAN interface for data output.

The CPAD3-V8 provides voltage measurements with a maximum of +/- 50 V. The CPAD3-TH8 is able to measure thermocouples for type K, T, J, E, R, S, B, N, C and U.

Quasi-static channel expansion via EPAD2

Almost nothing is easier than connecting an EPAD2 module to a DEWETRON system. All our measurement systems have an integrated EPAD2 interface. EPADs can simply be connected as static channel expansion by a single cable.

EPAD2 modules are multi-channel A/D converters with a sampling rate of 12 Hz at 24 bit. They provide a 350 V galvanic isolation and transmit data via RS-485 interface. An optional converter module to USB is also available, which can be used as standalone device with EPAD2 modules connected to it.

Four different EPAD types are available: EPAD2-V8 for measuring voltage of +/- 50 V, EPAD2-TH8 for measuring thermocouples, EPAD2-LA8 for measuring current of up to +/- 30 mA and EPAD2-RTD8 with Resistance Temperature Detector channells. RTD inputs can be Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Pt2000.


EPAD modules are the perfect add-on to our data recorder PU[REC]. You just have to connect them – it’s the easiest way to economically expand your PU[REC] and make it even more flexible than it already is.

The following video shows how easy it is to use an EPAD with the PU[REC].



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Do you need more or other expansion options for your measurement system? The modular concept of our systems makes it possible to exchange modules, connect Modular Smart Interfaces (MSI) to your system and even add options to the measurement software OXYGEN. If you are not sure what you exactly need, do not hesitate to contact us.

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