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Modular Smart Interfaces (MSI)

Expand the measurement functionality with MSI

Modular Smart Interfaces (MSIs) are add-ons for our TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI modules and the TRION-x-dLV-CB16-D9 sensor connection box with TRION-1xxx-dlV-32 to expand their measurement functionality.

MSI adapters in combination with TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI modules extend the measurement capability to charge, LVDT or thermocouple input.

MSIs in combination with TRION-1xxx-dLV-32 and TRION-x-dLV-CB16-D9 sensor connection box extend the measurement modes to bridge, IEPE®, charge, LVDT, thermocouple, Pt100 to Pt2000, and voltage up to 200V.

MSI Overview

consider limit
of used TRION module
MSI2-STG Bridge-type sensors;
Full-bridge, half-bridge, quarter bridge
120 Ω and 350 Ω
5 V and 10 V 100 kHz ±0.1 % Miniature spring terminals
MSI2-LVDT LVDT and RVDT sensors,
5 wire connection
AC supply 1 to
3.5 V at 2.5, 5 and 18 kHz
1 kHz ±0.1 % Soldering pads
MSI-BR-ACC IEPE® sensors,
typ. accelerometer, microphone
4 mA 1.4 Hz to 100 kHz ±0.2 % BNC
MSI2-CH-x Charge type sensors
up to 100.000 pC
n/a 0.08 Hz to 300 kHz ±0.5 % BNC
MSI2-TH-x Thermocouple sensors;
Standard models for type K, J, T,
others on request
n/a DC to 100 kHz ±1°C Mini TC socket
MSI-BR-V-200 Voltage up to 200 V n/a DC to 100 kHz ±0.1 % BNC
MSI-BR-RTD RTD sensors;
PT100, PT200, PT500, PT1000, PT2000;
2, 3 and 4 wire connection
1.25 mA DC to 10 kHz ±0.1 % Binder 712 series
5-pin socket
MSI2-250R-20mA 4 to 20 mA sensors 5 to 48 V
DC to 100 kHz ±0.1 % Miniature spring terminals
MSI2-V-600 MSI2-V-600 Voltage up to 600 V n/a 60 kHz ±0.1 % Safety banana sockets

How does MSI work

Each MSI is a signal conditioner designed for a dedicated sensor type. By reading the TEDS chip, the DAQ system gets any information necessary to adjust the amplifier accordingly. The user doesn’t have to worry about it, he automatically gets the right measuring ranges with the right unit displayed. For traceability, important data, such as serial number or calibration date, are also read out and if necessary additionally stored with the measurement data file.

Our MSI2 series is the improved version of the previous MSI series. All MSIs are compatible with TRION-xdLV-CB16-D9. The accuracy is approximately 3 times higher than in the previous version. A calibrated high precision cold junction compensation is included in the adapter. It comes with an integrated preamplifier that boosts the tiny thermocouple voltage up to a few volts. That’s why the V2 series can be directly placed next to the sensor. Use extension cables up to 50 m between the MSI and the TRION system instead of having long thermocouple lines with small signal levels. That can greatly improve your signal quality in a harsh electronic environment.

Expansion box TRION-x-dLV-CB16-D9

The TRION-x-dLV-CB16-D9 is a feature expansion box for TRION-1802-dLV-32 and TRION-1600-dLV-32 modules.

The box supports up to 16 D-SUB-9 sockets for analog inputs or the use of MSIs (Modular Smart Interfaces) as well as precision ±5 V excitation voltage with remote sense per channel. The TRION-x-dLV-CB16-D9 also features a CAN and digital I/O interface as well as an auxiliary sensor supply.

Enables measurement of strain gauge and bridge sensors, IEPE®, LVDT and RVDT, thermocouple, charge, RTD and voltage up to ±200 V.

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