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Data Acquisition & Analysis With OXYGEN: Version 5.6

02/07/2021 | General, OXYGEN Software
OXYGEN 5.6 Update Header

The second quarter of this year is coming to an end and just in time DEWETRON releases version 5.6 of the data acquisition software OXYGEN. The latest version of the measurement software has been equipped with numerous new features and updates to facilitate your measurement tasks.

DEWETRON’s OXYGEN is the most intuitive and user-friendly software in the field of measurement and data acquisition. You can simply operate it via touchscreen or with mouse and keyboard. This makes the recording, visualization and analysis of measurement data extremely easy for a wide range of applications. In the newly released version OXYGEN 5.6, we integrated several useful features to facilitate the work of measurement experts in the automotive, energy & power measurement, aerospace & defense, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

New: TEDS support, CPAD decoder plugin and more

Probably the most important new feature in OXYGEN 5.6 is the TEDS support. With this feature you can read data from sensors with TEDS interface and set the respective channel settings correctly. With the new CPAD decoder plugin, users no longer need a *.dbc file to acquire data. The CPAD decoder plugin allows easy configuration of CPADs directly in the software. In addition to decoding via *.dbc files, you can decode CAN and CAN-FD data via ARXML files. A new header option distinguishes between textual and numerical headers. Numeric headers can be inserted directly into formulas and processed further – without any intermediate step. Defining and measuring the reference track in ADAS testing is also made even easier with OXYGEN 5.6: you can now define KML track data as the center, left or right boundary of the driving track. In the new OXYGEN version you can create data files with fixed length. These are available in Continuous and Trigger Mode and automatically stop recording after a set time.

Even more user experience with the new update

Besides the new features, some existing functions also received an update to make the software even easier to use. A must-have feature in OXYGEN is the math function for online and offline calculations. In the new version, users can group formulas to keep a better overview. Starting with OXYGEN 5.6, various USB webcams are also compatible with DEWETRON measurement systems. In the DEWETRON Academy you will get insight into how OXYGEN works and how to configure and use individual features.


DEWETRON is the manufacturer of high-precision measurement technology. Therefore, we not only supply our data acquisition and analysis software OXYGEN to engineers around the world but have much more to offer. Besides hardware with state-of-the-art technology, our customers benefit from DEWETRON’s unsurpassed service and support.

If you would like to learn more about us, please visit us on our DEWETRON website. You can also follow our latest updates (e.g. video tutorials, whitepapers and webinars) on LinkedIn and YouTube.

Apart from that, we are of course looking forward to hearing from you e.g. via a message.

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