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Excitation Check || Whitepaper

09/07/2021 | Whitepaper, OXYGEN Software

In last week’s blogpost we introduced the new features of OXYGEN 5.6 to you. The two available Excitation Monitor Modes are new features coming along with the recently released software version. You can use the Excitation Voltage Monitor mode and the Excitation Current Monitor mode for TRION-2402-MULTI and TRION(3)-18×0-MULTI modules. Use the modes to check if sensors are correctly supplied and properly connected to the DAQ system.

How does it work?

The Excitation Voltage Monitor measures the voltage drop caused by the sensor and the excitation voltage provided to the sensor over Sense Line. The Excitation Current Monitor measures the current consumption of the sensor and the excitation current provided to the sensor over Sense Line. You can also use the monitor modes to check if the maximum power supply limit is exceeded. Display the values in a digital meter. You can set limits and colorize them in the digital meter’s instrument properties to visualize values outside the defined limits.

Practical use

The configuration of the two monitor modes is very easy. Rafael, one of our Product Application Engineers, wrote an application note about this new feature. Learn how to set up each mode to check whether your sensors are connected properly to the DAQ system.

Excitation Check – Whitepaper Download

More practical knowledge

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