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APEX Turbine and DEWETRON announce collaboration

26/06/2017 | General
APEX Turbine and DEWETRON developing a test and measurement application together


DEWETRON, Inc and APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. are pleased to announce a joint collaboration. The aim is to deliver integrated dynamic data acquisition systems (DDAS). These systems feature a variety of DEWETRON devices like our signal conditioning amplifier and digitizer products. The collaboration pair the high-end DEWETRON equipment with the DS software application from APEX Turbine. The agreement allows both companies to offer fully integrated solutions worldwide.

How the CEOs of the Company see the Collaboration

“DEWETRON products add an important dimension to what we can offer our customers.”, said Dr. Kurt Nichol, President and CEO of APEX. “More and more customers are looking for solutions with integrated signal conditioning and digitizers that have the added flexibility of mixing and matching different card types.  The combination of our software with DEWETRON hardware is yet another example of our commitment to providing customers with the widest variety and highest quality dynamic data acquisition solutions in the industry.”

DEWETRON offers a full range of hardware devices. These support all types of measurements required by the turbomachinery industry. However, the combination is not limited to the turbomachinery market. Dr. Nichol points out, “By combining our DS software with the DEWETRON hardware platform, we are able to provide important benefits to other markets. We look forward to adding value to new customers through this important collaboration.”

The CEO of DEWETRON said, “Our collaboration with APEX, supports our mission to make the world more predictable, safe and efficient. We do so by providing ground breaking, reliable test and measurement hardware and proven, leading edge software. The synergy between the APEX software and DEWETRON hardware is extraordinary. As a result, our success will increase.”.

By combining DEWETRON hardware with APEX software, customers not only receive quality data acquisition solutions, but also exceptional customer support. DEWETRON and APEX share a customer-driven approach which focuses above all on exceptional customer service and cutting-edge product development.

About APEX Turbine

APEX is a supplier of turbomachinery test and analysis solutions. The company delivers reliable, industry-leading and integrated software applications worldwide. Our company operates under the highest ethical standards and is dedicated to customer satisfaction by delivering what we promise and servicing what we sell. Our goal is to not only be a reliable supplier, but also a test partner for our customers.

At APEX, we bring our years of industry knowledge and experience directly to you through the many solutions we provide. Our consultants and products address every phase of turbomachinery vibration test and analysis to increase your overall efficiency, effectiveness and success.

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