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New USA Office with Calibration Lab

05/07/2017 | General
The new calibration lab in DEWETRON USA


Our USA office has moved to a new location in East Greenwich. The modern office building supports us to provide the best and most efficient services possible. The highlights are local support and the brand-new calibration lab.


All DEWETRON systems are calibrated prior to delivery. However, over the course of use, the systems can fall out of calibration and should be recalibrated to ensure the continued integrity of the measurement data.
Standard calibration service may be extended to include an annual calibration per EN ISO/IEC 17025 and manufacturers adjustments performed by an external accredited partner calibration lab. Accredited calibration service is applicable to individual systems.



Professional support and training facilities

Our local support team in East Greenwich helps you with your demanding measurement questions. Wherever and whenever you require our assistance, we’ll find a way to provide you the necessary support and service. You’re facing a measurement challenge and you require professional assistance with one of your DEWETRON measurement systems?


Support hotline:

+1 401-284-3750
[email protected]


The new address of USA headquarters:

2850 South County Trail, Unit 1
East Greenwich, RI 02818
Phone: 401-284-3750

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