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Brand-new, Polyphase Mixed Signal Power Analyzer DEWE2-PA7

15/05/2017 | Products
Modular Power Analyzer with module change


DEWE2-PA7 Power Analyzer, the way of tomorrow’s Power Analysis

The brand-new DEWE2-PA7 Mixed Signal Power Analyzer is your turnkey solution for analyzing polyphase electric vehicles and engines behaviour with only ONE instrument.
It guarantees a basic accuracy of 0.01 %.

Up to 12 power channels and the capability for calculation of power parameters even for polyphase motors (up to 7 phases) turns the DEWE2-PA7 into a multi power analyzer.


Your advantages with DEWE2-PA7 at first glance

  • Multi power, up to 12 power channels
  • Poly phase, 1-7 phases per power system
  • High accuracy: 0.01 % low range error
  • High dynamic range inputs
  • Measurement range 1000 V / 24 A (crest factor 2)
  • 9″ multi-touch screen
  • Mixed signal inputs (low voltage, digital, RPM, …)
  • 18-bit A/D conversion
  • Modular design, simply extendable
  • Easy testbed integration


Detailed information on the DEWE2-PA7 Power Analyzer page

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