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Application of DEWETRON DAQ systems for power plant testing and dynamic model validation || Whitepaper


Over the past 25 years, North America has experienced several significant disruptions to its interconnected electric power system (“grid”). These include the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) events in the summer of 1996 as well as the Eastern Interconnection event of August 2003. In response to these “blackout” events, the advanced age of much of the grid infrastructure and the changing landscape of the energy delivery system the North American electric power industry continues to position for grid reliability.

In recent years, and as a direct result of post-mortem analysis following several grid disturbance events, power plant tests as well modeling policies and standards [1-5] have been developed and become enforceable.

The primary objective of these standards is to increase the reliability of the bulk electric power system. In the case of the modeling policies and standards, this objective is met by requiring power plant owners and operators to periodically provide validated models of their power generating equipment. These models are validated by comparing small but measurable disturbance tests to simulations of the same disturbance. In this way, the quality of the planning tools (i.e. power system simulation models) is substantively increased.

These drivers have resulted in an increased demand for tools to safely and efficiently measure the dynamic response of power plants’ primary generating equipment and the associated controls.

In this whitepaper we will and show how DEWETRON and Peregrine developed such a tool to carry out such tests and measurements, the challenges we had to face and explain in detail the necessary hard- and software to build a clean measurement system setup for this application.




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