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Happy Birthday PU[REC]

10/09/2021 | Hardware

One year ago, we introduced the ideal partner for field tests – our data recorder PU[REC]. If you already know the PU[REC], you know that it is a simple, pure, and portable measurement system with a rugged chassis. It’s no problem to use the data recorder even in rough environments, which makes it your indispensable companion for field tests.

The PU[REC] in detail

The PU[REC] provides 16 analog input channels. These support ± 10 V directly. You can choose if you need the device with 50 or 200 kS/s sample rate.
If you use Modular Smart Interfaces (MSI) as an addition to the analog input, you can acquire the signal of almost any sensor. Because of this option, you can use the PU[REC] to acquire low (± 10 V) or high voltage (up to 600 V), signals from IEPE, charge, LVDT sensors and many more. Furthermore, your new data recorder includes digital I/O channels and a counter interface. Optionally, you can extend it with a highspeed CAN interface and quasi-static channel expansion modules (max. 10 Hz sample rate) from the EPAD2 series. Make use of this option to get isolated low speed inputs for voltage, current, temperature or resistance.

NEW: Accessories for the data recorder

By using the right accessories for your measurement task, you can save valuable time. We would like to help you to work as convenient and easy as possible. That’s the reason why we now offer an overview of all accessories that might become essential for your daily challenges. Explore all items to optimally prepare your measurement task. D-SUB adapters, crocodile clip sets or a microphone set are only a few examples of available PU[REC] accessories.

Who uses the PU[REC]?

Our data recorder is already used in industries like aerospace & defense, industrial & manufacturing, energy & power analysis and automotive. Due to the low weight, convenient design, high resistance against environmental impacts you can use it on trains, cars, wind turbines and many more places you can think of. The gapless and reliable data acquisition guarantees that every single recording is a success. That’s especially important if you only have one single chance to record data.
Customers in various branches all over the world trust in the reliability of our PU[REC]. Automotive suppliers, well-known OEMs and aeronautical manufacturers benefit from the possibility to use the PU[REC] whenever and wherever it is needed.
For example, a customer, who is specialized in the sector of aerospace and aviation benefits from the portability and the rugged chassis of the PU[REC]. Their engineers use it for flexible, smaller measurement tasks of rocket engines or on testbeds.

Another user example comes from a big railroad company in Europe who owns a few PU[REC]s. The biggest advantage for them is also the flexibility and versatility of the device because it enables them to use it in the field in rough environments as well as in their laboratories. In both application areas, data acquisition is reliable and works without gaps. The portability enables their engineers to use it for field tests and laboratory measurement tasks because it can be easy transported from one spot to another.


If you are not familiar with the PU[REC] yet, we recommend you watch our webinar video introducing our data recorder.
Do you already own a PU[REC]? Feel free to share your measurement tasks and experiences with us! We’re looking forward to receiving your mail or Facebook message.

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