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New rack-mount power analyzer DEWE3-PA8-RM

03/09/2021 | Hardware

Our new DEWE3-PA8-RM is a high-performance power analyzer designed for mounting in 19’’ racks. It has no integrated display, but a display port and HDMI connections for external monitors. The 8 slots for measurement modules are located on the front panel for optimal accessibility. The integrated redundant transducer supply for 8 sensors saves space in the rack and no external supply is required anymore. Summarized, the DEWE3-PA8-RM is the optimal power analyzer on 5 U.

The DEWE3-PA8-RM is not only our newest power analyzer, but also part of the DEWE3-RMx product line. These mainframes are designed for 19’’ rack mounting. As a power analyzer, the DEWE3-PA8-RM stands out from the other systems in this series. This new measurement system provides 8 slots for the use of DEWETRON TRION and TRION3 modules. You can use up to 16 power channels simultaneously. Among other specifications, the integrated redundant sensor supply, the seamless raw data acquisition, and the integration of intelligent interfaces for remote control and configuration, makes the DEWE3-PA8-RM stand out as a power analyzer.

Why to use the DEWE3-PA8-RM

The integrated sensor supply can supply up to 8 current transformers redundantly. This is possible with ±15 V or +9 V directly from the system. As a result, no additional accessories are necessary. It has never been easier to setup your measurement system. Without additional equipment, you can also use the new power analyzer on limited space.

The signal inputs are available at the front and even the fans of the system are accessible at the front. This enables you to modify and service the system without removing it from the cabinet. You can also replace the hard disk at the front.

The DEWE3-PA8-RM has a maximum sampling rate of 10 MS/s/ch and stores up to 800 MB/s of raw data continuously. The use can also add a 10 Gbit Ethernet interface to the system. This offers a higher connectivity and speeds up data file downloads as well as data connections via OXYGEN-NET. By using OXYGEN-NET, you can virtually combine several measurement systems and easily configure and control them centrally from the main device. Another big advantage is the integration with various intelligent interfaces. Even without a display, the configuration is simple – you can do it via TCP/IP following standardized protocols.

DEWETRON modularity

As all our test and measurement systems, the DEWE3-PA8-RM also offers maximum modularity and flexibility. You can equip the system with additional TRION or high-speed TRION3 modules. As already mentioned, you can also exchange them while the system is mounted in a rack. Simply adapt the input signals you would like to measure. Our measurement modules are suitable for a wide range of sensors. You can measure current, voltage, IEPE (vibration), bridges (strain gauges), potentiometers, RTD, CAN, meter inputs and thermocouples. For synchronization, you can use external time sources like GPS, PTP or IRIG. No matter what your measurement task is – combine the TRION/TRION3 modules as you need them to meet the requirements.

You think the DEWE3-PA8-RM could be the suitable device for your measurement tasks? Contact us to receive detailed Information about this system! Follow us on LinkedIn to never miss the launch of a new product!

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