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Safety Day: Safety first at DEWETRON

30/10/2020 | General

Keeping distance and hygiene measures are the most discussed topics everywhere this year, but in a technical company as we are one and also in private households, there are many more danger sources that people should be aware of. DEWETRON cares about the safety of its employees and organized a Safety Day last week. Here are some insights of what we learned.

DEWETRON Safety Day 2020

The Safety Day takes place on Friday from 11 am to 1 pm. At first glance, that doesn’t sound spectacular. A mail with the information that the employees should maybe plan to be available from 10 am does also not really help to get an idea of what might be happening on a Safety Day. But if the fire alarm goes off shortly after 10 and the stairwell is smoky, then even the last person in the office probably knows that it’s getting serious. Luckily, it was only a test alarm, but at least all employees were gathered in front of the company building within a very short time.

In groups we then went through several stations dealing with different security and safety topics.


What happens if you forget a spray can in your car in summer? How do you use a fire blanket when a person or the Christmas tree is on fire? These questions were not only theoretically answered by two fire fighters from the SAPPI company fire department, but also demonstrated in practice. It seems to be clear that burning oil in the kitchen must not be extinguished with water. The DEWETRON team also experienced live what would happen if you did. Do not imitate it under any circumstances!

Fire extinguishers are available in every company facility and also at home. What are the different types and what do you have to consider when using them? Unfortunately, in everyday life there is far too little attention paid to this topic. The gentlemen from the fire department have explained this to us as well. And: When else do you have the opportunity to try out a fire extinguisher in a protected environment?



In many public institutions and also at the DEWETRON facility there is a defibrillator available. If you are honest, most people only know how this device works in theory and from movies. Our company doctor Dr. Wallner demonstrated what you have to consider when using a defibrillator, how the device works and also refreshed our first aid knowledge. Don’t worry – you can’t do anything wrong, unless you don’t provide any help at all!



Quality and environmental management is not only very important at DEWETRON, we are also ISO certified. However, since such a process only works if all employees support it, this topic is refreshed regularly. That’s why we also got some information about quality & environment from our responsible colleague on our Safety Day.

At DEWETRON, every employee must also know about ESD (Electrostatic Discharge). Unintentional electrostatic discharges when touching electronic components can severely damage them and also contribute to loss of quality.



“You have to break an egg to make an omelette”, says a well-known quote. Especially in our production, we cannot fully avoid dealing with hazardous materials from time to time. A safety expert from TÜV Academy Austria explained how the hazardousness of the materials used is classified and documented and what measures are used to ensure that dangerous materials do not become a danger.


Our IT protects us against spam mails, hacker attacks and possible other security lacks to a large extent in our daily work. The home office time in spring has brought additional challenges for your IT team, which Mike from our IT department has explained to us again. As soon as you have to deal with personal data, the GDPR is an unavoidable topic. We attach great importance to the careful handling of data, which is why we always stay up to date with GDPR standards.


At DEWETRON, not only the safety of employees is a top priority, but also the cohesion within the team. In compliance with safety distance and corona measures, the employees enjoyed fresh chestnuts and “Schilchersturm” after the official part of the Safety Day.

Many thanks to the organizers and all external safety experts for the successful realization of the Safety Day. It was not only very instructive but also fun!

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