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DEWETRON supports ARINC 429. What does that mean?

05/11/2020 | Knowledge, OXYGEN Software
ARINC 429 Avionic Standard

Starting from version 5.3, DEWETRON’s measurement software OXYGEN supports ARINC 429. As this standard only finds industry-specific use (e.g. in aerospace), we decided to highlight it. In addition to that, you will get a brief insight into its use in OXYGEN.


To begin with, ARINC stands for Aeronautical Radio, Inc and it is a private corporation founded in 1929. The corporation comprises a plurality of corporate shareholders, including airlines, aircraft manufacturers and avionics equipment manufacturers. Hence, the mission behind ARINC was to produce specifications and standards for avionics equipment, however outside of any government.

What is ARINC 429? Is it mandatory?

ARINC 429 is a technical standard for the predominant avionics bus in the air transport industry. For example, it finds application on many higher-end transport and commercial aircraft. It defines the electrical and physical interface of a two-wire bus and a data protocol to support the avionics local area network of the aircraft. In short, ARINC 429 defines the transfer of digital data of avionics equipment.

Although there is no requirement to comply with the specifications of ARINC 429, manufacturers of avionics equipment yet follow the guidelines of the standard. Their goal is to provide cross-manufacturer interoperability between the functional units.


With DEWETRON’s ARINC 429 option, it is possible to receive, decode and visualize digital data of avionics equipment. Therefore, a database of equipment IDs and the corresponding labels from the ARINC standard are included in OXYGEN. With a simple selector, your signals can be decoded in just a few clicks. When using OXYGEN version 5.3 or above, the ARINC 429 option is automatically available to you. DEWETRON’s ARINC module is a third-party hardware module from Altadt built-in into your DAQ system. Therefore, all needed drivers for the ARINC module and the Altadt Software AltaView will be installed automatically in our headquarters. No additional installations must be done by the user.

>> For more information about ARINC 429, you can download our technical reference manual here. <<


DEWETRON is an Austrian manufacturer for high precision test & measurement equipment and developer of intuitive measurement software. Our data acquisition systems meet the highest demands and comply with international norms and standards – including ARINC 429. Therefore, many customers around the globe rely on DEWETRON’s products. Our customers operate in the area of energy & power analysis, automotive industry, manufacturing & industrial as well as aerospace & defense.

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