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Blast Test with TRION3 MULTI modules – New Whitepaper

15/04/2020 | Hardware, Whitepaper

Air Blast tests are essential testing procedures in the sector of Aerospace and Defense but also in other industries, where explosions are an important part of a test procedure. Especially vehicles have to undergo blast tests to ensure the structural integrity as threats can come from any direction at any time.

Several different kinds of blast tests can be performed, like a free air, directed or contained air blast. During an air blast test, a huge amount of energy is rapidly released and generates a pressure wave before returning to normal ambient conditions. The aim of an air blast test is to measure the generated shock wave. As this process is a highly dynamic event, it also requires highly dynamic measurement systems to be able to capture all the data that is necessary for reliable evaluation of the test.

Challenges and solution for blast tests

To prevent frustration about loss of data, it is essential to choose highly reliable measurement systems including the right sensors, like accelerometers, force and strain sensors, pressure or temperature sensors. Connecting those sensors with the TRION3-1850-MULTI module guarantees successful results due to the high sample rate of 5 MS/s per channel to capture all important data generated during the air blast test.

As the event of the pressure wave to reach a peak only lasts some microseconds and is not a linear process, it is important to collect as much data material as possible to be able to reconstruct the event afterwards to ensure that the test does not have to be repeated as this is a lot of effort.

Do you want to know more about Air Blast Tests and the challenges you have to face during this type of measurement? Verena, our Application Engineer, has written an informative Whitepaper dealing with this topic, also describing how it is possible to face the upcoming challenges with the help of Test & Measurement Systems of DEWETRON.



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