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Explore our new Mixed Signal Power Analyzer DEWE3-PA8

04/10/2018 | Hardware
DEWE3-PA8 highspeed mixed singal Power Analyzer with a hand using the mutli-touch display

DEWETRON presents a new Mixed Signal Power Analyzer

DEWE3-PA8 is the next generation of mixed signal power analyzer. It meets and exceeds today’s demands for reliable and high-precision analysis. It particularly finds use in electrical motors, inverters, complete electric/hybrid electric drive trains and other electrical components.

About our new Mixed Signal Power Analyzer

The precision of the DC and AC voltage inputs (DC ±(0.02% of reading + 0.02% of range), AC ±(0.03% of reading)) and current inputs (DC ±(0.02% of reading + 0.02% of range), AC ±(0.03% of reading)) is unrivaled in the industry. 10 MS/s and 18-bit A/D conversion, as well as the best linearity of the signal conditioning offers the highest dynamic performance in the whole input range. Because of the low range error, the DEWE3-PA8 achieves the highest accuracy available in the market. This is even true for low range utilization. Precision accuracy is guaranteed throughout the whole analysis, without range switching or gaps in recorded data. That makes our new mixed signal power analyzer the optimal instrument even for complex measurement tasks.

Up to 16 power channels guarantee reliable power analysis for several power groups, from 1 to 9 phases. This promised reliability leads to savings for years. It leads to a decreasing number of required devices. Futhermore, you can benefit from the reduction of operational and maintenance costs. In addition to that, the time required for training can be reduced. The modular architecture and user exchangeable input modules ensure that the DEWE3-PA8 mixed signal power analyzer is also capable of analyzing both environmental and mechanical parameters simultaneously. Therefore, the DEWE3-PA8 is the right solution for the complete analysis of drive trains and electrical components today and in the future.

In addition to the mixed signal capability, continuous waveform recording of all channels turns the DEWE3-PA8 into a multifunctional tool. It is then the right instrument for any application in the lab or on the test bench. Smart interface technology makes it easy to integrate a DEWE3-PA8 into automation systems and test bed environments with interfaces like XCP oE, SCPI oE, EtherCAT, in compliance with standardized file formats such as ASAM.

Are you curious about DEWETRON’s DEWE3-PA8?

Explore all details about our brand new, next generation mixed signal power analyzer DEWE3-PA8 here.

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