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19/06/2018 | OXYGEN Software
Power Analysis via DEWE2-PA7 Power Analyzer

Reducing Emissions of combustion engines, scandal around Diesel Engines and furthermore changes in laws/regulations forces the trend to clean or non-emission locomotion. Thus, drives the development of pure electrical and hybrid vehicles and leads to challenges regarding range, efficiency and costs. OEM’s and TIER’s face enormous challenges: The capacity of Batteries, low weight and complex drive trains with maximum efficiency. This complexity requires professional tools (Scopes, Recorder/Logger, Power Analyzer, Sensors and Transducers, etc.) for the development and test of electrical drive systems and Components. This leads to new rising requirements for Test & Measurement Systems regarding Dynamic, Accuracy and economical aspects.

Nowadays, electrical powertrains should be tested and evaluated under realistic situations and high dynamic load profiles to fulfill customer requirements. Disadvantages of conventional Power Analyzers like complex and time-consuming configuration, no capability of capturing waveform data, fixed calculation window size can be avoided by using DEWETRON Power Analyzer. The DEWE2-PA7 Power Analyzer with intuitive User Interface, Waveform recording, high dynamic range functionality covers analysis of electrical and mechanical power parameters within a single device.




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