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OXYGEN 6.1 – Small update, great improvements

Not too long ago, we took our OXYGEN software to a new level by introducing version 6.0. Just in time for the beginning of spring, we have now refreshed …

Extended Warranty Europe

On this page, you will find the terms and conditions for the extended warranty for Europe by DEWETRON. Click here to read or download.

OXYGEN power options

DEWETRON is an Austrian manufacturer of high-precision measuring instruments tailored to your needs. The core of our systems is the powerful and intuitive OXYGEN software. OXYGEN is a software …

Strain gauges

Strain gauges (or strain gages) are one of the most common sensor types in the industry. They can be useful in many different applications and are particularly convincing due to …

TRION3-1810-SUB-8 and TRION(3)-18xx-POWER module

What makes DEWETRON stand out is the modularity, accuracy and reliability of our products. Our TRION(3) power modules, especially the TRION3-1810-SUB-8 module, offers you a maximum …

Lukas Doll

Together with my great, very experienced colleagues at DEWETRON, I will support you with your measurement tasks.

Contact DEWETRON India

As a manufacturer of highly intuitive, end-to-end Test & Measurement Systems, we make the world more predictable, efficient and save.

PXI and PXIe

PXI and PXIe (short for PCI(e) eXtensions for Instrumentation) are two of the most important and widely used standards in modern measurement technology. PXI was developed by National Instruments …

Flicker in electrical systems

Imagine you are relaxing on your couch after a hard day of work watching a movie on TV. Suddenly, your TV starts to buzz, and the ceiling lights start to …


In test and measurement technology, the term synchronization refers to the alignment of processes in terms of time. When two measuring devices run synchronously, the clocks in both devices run …

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