The Measurable difference.



OXYGEN 6.0 - The new era of data acquisition

Barely a year has passed since OXYGEN 5.0 was released and took our data analysis software to a new level. Now it is time to introduce you to the …

Support area

Welcome to the DEWETRON help and support area! Feel free to browse around, search for answers or find help for your product.


Portable Measurement System DEWE2-A4 for Mobile Applications. Isolated DC Power Supply. Four user Exchangeable Signal Channels.

Electricity from sunlight - photovoltaic

In the mid-19th century, the first power plants supplied the population with electrical energy. Over the years, power plants have become larger and more powerful. Nevertheless, it is only …

The calibration-process and its importance

Measuring devices makemistakes
Measuring instruments should provide us with quantitative information about our environment. However, we often forget that they are not perfect. First of all, the devices themselves are …

Connector types at DEWETRON

The ports of a measuring device are its gateway to the outside world. It is therefore particularly important to understand and to be able to use them. However, with all …

The history of measurement technology

Measurement technology is something that we can barely live without today. However, when hearing of measurement devices, one often thinks of oscilloscopes in the laboratory or multimeters used by an …

Power Modules

High-speed, user-exchangeable power modules for 4-phase power analysis with separate ADC on each channel up to 10 MS/s and high resolution up to 18-bit.

Multifunctional TRION(3) Modules

The multifunctional TRION(3)-MULTI signal conditioning modules are perfect for your isolated multi-purpose DAQ applications.

Harmonics in wind power plants - part 2

Already in the “Harmonics in Wind Power Plants – Part 1’’ blogpost, we recognized that harmonics are a major problem in power generation. They lead to premature aging of components, power …

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