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Software Policies

Update policy for OXYGEN Software

This policy outlines how DEWETRON defines the major and minor versions of the OXYGEN software as well as the update options for customers. DEWETRON reserves the right to amend the policy without notice and will make the latest version available on

Major versions

A major version of the software is identified by the by the number on the left side of the first decimal separator (e.g. 6.x for the major version 6). The major software version release may include architectural changes, functional enhancements, major features, bug fixes, etc.

When purchasing a DEWETRON system, the current major version of the software at the time of delivery is installed with the license. The license is dependent on the major version.

Minor versions

A minor version of the software is identified by the by the number on the right side of the first decimal separator (e.g. 6.2 or 6.3) and is tied to the corresponding major version. Several minor versions may be released within a major version. The release of a minor software version may include functional enhancements, major and minor features, bug fixes, etc. In general, a minor software release is issued every 3–5 months (subject to change).

All minor version updates within the same major version are available free of charge for the customer with the same license. A free update from the last issued minor version to the next major version (e.g. 5.7 to 6.0) is not possible, a software update to a major version must be purchased.

Software options

Software options can be purchased by the customer at any time. Software options require at least the corresponding version (major and minor version) in which the option was released and can be used for all next major and minor versions.

For example, the Order Analysis software option was released with version 5.0, so it requires at least version 5.0 to be used, but it also works for further versions such as 5.2, 5.3 or 6.0.

Update & maintenance options

A maintenance option for the software is bound to the chassis and can only be purchased in combination with a new system or an OXYGEN update option.

The OXYGEN update option includes the update to the latest released software version and the used software options.

The maintenance options include free updates to the latest available software versions, including minor and major versions, for the purchased period of time.

Note: OXYGEN version 4.0 does not exist, thus the next major version release after 3.x is version 5.x.



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