The Measurable difference.

DEWETRON's new signal conditioning module for analog outputs.
The new TRION3-1820-MULTI-AOUT.

DEWETRON - the Manufacturer for High Precision Test and Measurement Systems. The measurable difference since 1989.

Thanks to DEWETRON's data acquisition systems, the Aerospace & Defense Sector becomes safe.

Revolutionize the automotive industry with measurement equipment by DEWETRON.

Energy- and Power Analysis becomes so much simpler with DEWETRON's data acquisition systems.

The Manufacturing sector benefits from DEWETRON by being able to early recognize errors that might lead to downtimes.

The measurable difference

DEWETRON systems are designed to help our customers make the world more predictable, efficient and safe. One of our strengths is our customized approach. This allows us to fulfill application-specific requirements with respect to the chassis, signal conditioning, software features and accessories.

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  • mehrAutomotive Industry
  • mehrEnergy & Power Analysis
  • mehrManufacturing & Industrial

Choosing DEWETRON means having a partner by your side who accompanies you every step of the way. The high quality of DEWETRON’s R&D as well as the manufacturing of our products complies with the standards of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO17025.

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Our Products


Our promise: your flexible measurement system with the best price per channel ratio, also for limited project budgets

  • Portable & rugged for various (mobile) applications
  • 16 analog inputs, digital I/O & counter
  • Expandable with CAN option and with MSI for numerous sensors

Power Analyzer

Our promise: your power analyzer for high-performance multi-power analysis for up to 16 different power phases

  • High-performance mixed signal power analyzer
  • Measurement error of 0.03 % and up to 10 MS/s/ch
  • Integrated current transducer supply
OXYGEN Measurement Software Packaging

Measurement Software

Our promise: the most intuitive and sophisticated measurement software you have ever used

  • All-in-one software for a broad range of applications
  • Open to the world – including remote control capability via TCP/IP
  • Easy expansion through options & plugins


Our promise: your measurement system for perfectly synchronized measurements distributed along large distances

  • USB & Ethernet interface
  • Distributable and stackable for flexible applications
  • Up to 100 m distance between multiple daisy-chained units


Our promise: your measurement system to gaplessly record and monitor a multitude of various highspeed signals

  • Rack-mount or benchtop DAQ system
  • More than 100 exchangeable channels in a single mainframe through TRION / TRION3 modules
  • Silent cooling

All-in-one with Display

Our promise: your one-stop measurement system to perform your entire mission from data acquisition to reporting & analysis

  • Built-in (touch) display for easy configuration
  • Convenient for mobile applications thanks to the all-in-one approach
  • Up to 1 TB hard disk (SSD) for data storage
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Every Tuesday, we publish a tutorial video to help you increase your OXYGEN know-how. Follow us to never miss any tips and tricks. To see the available collection, click on the link below.

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DEWETRON emphasizes digital education. Therefore we founded the DEWETRON Academy. As a part of it, we are happy to host webinars.

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Software Oxygen

Data acquisition and recording

Continuously and synchronously acquire data from several sources (analog, digital, encoder, CAN, Ethernet, video, GPS and much more). Record and store all the data in one data file with a simple touch on the record button.

Software Oxygen

Visualization and post-processing

Conveniently review, analyze and visualize your data, to portray its value – also after your measurement. Choose between various visualization instruments with intuitive and smooth operation.

Software Oxygen

Math and calculation

Create several software channels to customize the setup for your own purposes. Benefit from formulas for arithmetic and more advanced calculations, block-wise statistics, filters and much more.

Software Oxygen

Trigger and events

Record data in case of events, create markers, set a digital output or make a snapshot of the actual measured data with this feature. You can create different events, each consisting of one or more trigger conditions and one or more actions.

Software Oxygen

Plugin interface (OXYGEN SDK )

You like OXYGEN, but it does not cover all your needs? Customize it! We are proud to announce our new plugin interface (C++), which gives you the possibility to add more software functions on your own.

Software Oxygen


Use our TRION-BASE, TRION-TIMING or TRION-VGPS module to acquire data synchronously to other measurement devices. We support relative time synchronization and absolute time synchronization with an optional adjustment of the operating system time.

Software Oxygen

Reporting and export features

Simply create reports by using all instruments and visualizations from your measurement. Directly print your report or export it to common formats.

Software Oxygen


Apart from that, you can find many other OXYGEN features and options like order analysis, power analysis, FFT and a lot more on our OXYGEN page. Visit our page to see OXYGEN’s entire scope.

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