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Warranty Extension

Extend your one-year system warranty

All DEWETRON systems are delivered with a one-year system warranty. This included warranty can be extended with more years and on-site warranty services.

 Warranty Extension

The original system warranty of one year can be extended by up to 4 years to a total of 5 years. In addition to the continued application support, the extension includes annual system maintenance with guaranteed nominal turn around to minimize business down time. DEWETRON will assume delivery and repair costs as specified in the warranty, for complete cost transparency.

Your benefit:

  • Annual system maintenance
  • Guaranteed nominal turnaround
  • Complete cost transparency
  • Security of knowing that unplanned costs can be avoided in the future

Extended warranty with service on-site

Warranty extensions can themselves be extended to deliver warranty service on-site.

Your benefit:

  • Minimized down time
  • No need for shipping
  • On-site issue investigation
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