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Portable All-in-One DAQ System DEWE3-A4L

Portable data acquisition system for windows and linux DEWE3-A4L

The portable DEWE3-A4L is a cost-efficient data acquisition system for continuous high-speed recording applications. The powerful DAQ system with the built-in data logger offers up to 32 analog measurement inputs and is ready to use immediately. User-friendliness is guaranteed due to the multi-touch display and the multi-touch-base OXYGEN software. Choose between Windows or Linux operating system.

Benefit from the modular platform, and configure the DEWE3-A4L individually according to your measurement tasks using TRION(3) modules for different signal inputs up to 10 MS/sec.

  • Up to 32 analog inputs (via exchangeable TRION(3) modules)
  • Up to 10 MS/s simultaneous sampling rate

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Key Features Data Acquisition Systems


  • Lightweight (8 kg/17.6 lbs)
  • 15.6” multi-touch display
  • Able to be a Power Analyzer

Interfaces from Data Acquisition Systems


  • 32 analog inputs
  • 10 kS to 10 MS/s
  • Sync, CAN, DIOs, counter integrated

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Highest flexibility with input modules for every sensor

Changing TRION input modules at the DEWE3-A4L

The DEWE3-A4L DAQ system supports all high-speed TRION3 and TRION modules. DEWETRON offers TRION(3) modules for almost every sensor and input like current, voltage, power, vibration (IEPE), pressure (strain gauges, bridges), resistance (potentiometers), RTD, temperature (thermocouples, PT100, …), CAN, Modbus, counter inputs, etc. Use external time sources for synchronization, like GPS, PTP or IRIG.

Choose from different TRION3 & TRION modules

Powerful & Mobile data acquisition with Measurement Software OXYGEN

The portable DAQ system DEWE3-A4L can use its full potential with our easy-to-use OXYGEN measurement software, which supports you with a huge amount of software features for data acquisition that is continuously extended.

The powerful data recording is one of the main OXYGEN highlights. The acquired data can be stored in one data file with a simple touch on the record button.

  • Review data already during recording
  • File-split option for generating a new file
  • Channel-wise sample rate selection
  • Channel-specific storing options for waveform and statistics data recording

Read more about OXYGEN

Portable data logger DEWE3-A4L

User-friendly data acquisition with bright high-res multi-touch display

Portable daq system with multitouch display DEWE3-A4L

The DEWE3-A4L data acquisition system has a bright 15.6” multi-touch full-HD display for quick and easy operation. The high-quality display provides high resolution and amazing brightness even in harsh environments. In combination with our easy-to-use OXYGEN measurement software, the system is controlled via simple multitouch gestures and smart visuals that are known from each smartphone.

Alternatively, a keyboard and mouse can be connected too. So this portable data acquisition system can be used comfortably as you prefer.



Turn your DEWE3-A4L into a Power Analyzer

Nearly every DEWETRON data acquisition system can be turned into a Power Analyzer by changing the TRION input modules. Take advantage of the different housings and configure your individual DAQ system for high-performance power analysis with additional inputs like IEPE/vibration, thermocouples/temperature, GPS, video, and other data sources fully synchronized.

Turn the portable DEWE3-A4L into a highly accurate, portable power analyzer with a basic accuracy of only 0.03 %.

Read more about our Mixed Signal Power Analyzers

DEWE3-A4L in pictures

Changing DAQ modules at the portable DEWE3-A4LPortable DAQ system DEWE3-A4L Portable data acquisition system with input modules - DEWE3-A4L  DEWE3-A4L portable daq system on standPortable data acquisition system DEWE3-A4L carried with handle

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