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High-precision front-ends for analog signal conditioning

TRIONet is a compact front-end solution for synchronous high-speed data acquisition across great distances and distributed locations. The front-end system communicates via Ethernet or USB 3.0 bus and can be operated intuitively with OXYGEN.

The TRIONet can be connected to any Windows computer via either USB or Ethernet. Alternatively, TRIONet systems are high-speed channel expansions for other DEWETRON DAQ systems and can be interconnected using Ethernet.

On the front, there are two TRION module slots that can be equipped with TRION modules as required. Thus, the flexible TRIONet can be turned into the smallest power analyzer in just a few steps.

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TRIONet, the smallest power analyzer

Key Features Data Acquisition Systems


  • For distributed measurements
  • Independent power supply
  • The smallest Power Analyzer

Inputs from Data Acquisition Systems


  • 16 analog inputs
  • Up to 2 MS/s
  • USB 3.0 or Ethernet

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Distributed or local measurements

TRIONet’s integrated synchronization between devices and remote PCs makes it the ideal solution for distributed measurement tasks. Because of the Ethernet interface, TRIONet mainframes can be placed up to 100 meters (328 feet) apart from each other.

Decentralized measurement tasks are easily managed with intelligent, simple cross-linking and the capability to increase the number of input channels as needed. Zero configuration effort is needed. Simply hook-up your TRIONet to any PC or laptop. It’s that simple.

Distributed measurements with TRIONet. Because of the Ethernet interface, TRIONet mainframes can be placed up to 100 meters apart from each other.

TRIONet - the smallest power analyzer

The smallest power analyzer

Every DEWETRON data acquisition system can be a mixed-signal power analyzer, the TRIONet too. Just choose between different TRION power modules for power analysis up to 2 MS/s sampling rate.

You only need one TRIONet for mixed-signal inputs such as

  • Isolated high voltage & current inputs
  • High-performance auxiliary inputs
  • CAN interface
  • Test bed integration
  • Counter

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Distributed data acquisition with OXYGEN Measurement Software

The TRIONet can use its full potential with our easy-to-use OXYGEN measurement software. It supports you with a huge amount of software features that are continuously extended with each new release.

Data acquisition is one of the core features of OXYGEN. It is capable of continuous and synchronous acquisition of data from several sources: digital, analog, counter, encoder, CAN, Ethernet, video, GPS, and many more…

  • Analog data with up to 2 MS/s sampling rate via TRION modules
  • Digital and encoder data with automatic RPM and angle calculation
  • CAN(-FD) decoding via *.dbc, including  J1939. Compatible with Vector VN-series (option)

More about OXYGEN

OXYGEN Data Acquisition for Continuous and Synchronous Acquisition of Data from Several Sources

Connect current transducers

Supply box for current transducers

You need to connect current transducers to a TRIONet? Then use the DW2-CLAMP-DC-POWER-8 box for connecting up to eight current clamps. The box comes with an integrated power supply for up to eight current clamps (±15 V/+9 V), as well as a power supply connector for the instrument (11 to 32 VDC).

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User-exchangeable DAQ modules

TRIONet supports the data acquisition modules of the TRION series, but not of the TRION3 series. DEWETRON offers TRION modules for almost every sensor and input (e.g. voltage, current, power, bridges (strain gauges), potentiometers, vibration (IEPE),  RTD, CAN, thermocouples, counter inputs, etc. Use external time sources for synchronization, like GPS, PTP, or IRIG.

Choose from different TRION modules



Front-End Module Change for Distrubuted Measurement

Battery pack for independent power supply

TRIONet with stackable battery pack

Do you temporarily have no power supply for the DAQ system? No problem with the optional battery pack. By using the external battery pack, you can turn your TRIONet into a power-independent data acquisition system for up to one hour.

The external, stackable battery pack offers DC power supply with three hot-swappable batteries. Due to the hot-swappable technology, the three batteries can be exchanged during the ongoing measurement and enable mobile continuous operation without any disruption.

Rugged, external DAQ modules

Connect external, multi-channel modules and combine analog signal conditioning and A/D converter in an extremely rugged box that can be daisy-chained easily. Different versions for CAN or RS485 interface from 12 Hz to 100 Hz are available.

Different external, multichannel CPAD and EPAD modules can be connected and combine analog signal conditioning and A/D converter in an extreme rugged box

TRIONet - small insights

TRIONet with stackable battery pack

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