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Current Transducers


DEWETRON offers several solutions for current measurement from simple shunts to current clamps and high-precision zero flux transducers.




There are versions for pure AC current which do not need any power supply and versions for DC and AC current which can be supplied from the DEWETRON instrument.

current ransducers

Just the Basics …..

How do you convert temperature or pressure into an electric signal so that it can be read and analyzed? Transducers or more exactly, current transducers will do the job.

In simple terms, a  transducer converts alternating or directional electrical current signals from energy, force, torque, light, motion, position, etc into analog signals that can be read by a data acquisition instruments. Through internal circuitry, the transducer creates a low level DC signal base on the AC current passing through the transducer.

Generally, current transducers are used in industry where it is critical that motor or heat loads be precisely monitored.


The DEWETRON Connection

DEWETRON has the solution for data acquisition sourced through the simplest shunts to current clamps to precision zero flux transducers.  No power supply? No Problem. DEWETRON offers transducers for pure AC current. What’s more, sensors that draw DC and AC current directly from the DEWETRON system are also available.

What’s more, user exchangeable TRION™ signal conditioning  modules (with embedded A/D conversion and isolation) can gaplessly record almost any signal from a wide range of sensors.  Almost any signal, almost any sensor, ONE chassis – portable or test bench mainframe, you decide.  

Did we mention that our high speed data acquisition can be local or distributed up to 100 meters between each expansion chassis (think acquiring data from multiple rail cars, simultaneously or remotely measuring the power of that blast).

In the lab expand your channel count to thousands of channels, gaplessly and synchronously recording every data point.

Additionally, DEWETRON”s newest power analyzer features PXI Express Bus technology for even faster data throughput. Coming soon, 13 channel mainframe with PXI Express.

To sum up, almost Any Signal, Signal Conditioning Modules with A/D Conversion and Isolation built right into to the board, simple to complex Current Transducers, gapless Data Acquisition, touch activated Data Analysis Software – ONE System. That’s Measurably Different


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