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Our latest innovation: The Analog Output Board

21/05/2021 | Hardware

We constantly adapt our product portfolio and the different features of our test & measurement hard- and software to the needs of our customers. The brand-new Analog Output Board, also called TRION3-AOUT, is the latest result of our customer orientation. The new module offers several analog output functionalities, we are going to explain in the following paragraphs.

Key facts

With the launch of our TRION3-AOUT-8 board, we offer some entirely new opportunities. As you might already know, the TRION3-series provides highspeed data acquisition and so does the TRION3-AOUT-8 module. It is the first analog output board developed by DEWETRON itself.

There are two combination possibilities for the board. The TRION3-AOUT-8 board as a standalone module, is a pure analog out board and provides 8 analog output channels for the operating modes Constant Output, Function Generator or Stream Output.


Furthermore, the TRION3-AOUT-8 board can be used as add-on to the TRION3-18×0-MULTI-8L0B modules. In this combination, the module is called TRION3-18×0-MULTI-AOUT. Used together with another module, it provides a Monitor Output and a Math Output, additionally to the operating modes already mentioned above.trion3-18x0-multi-aout


The TRION3-AOUT-8 module comes along with the same specifications, no matter if you use it as standalone or as TRION3-18×0-MULTI add-on. It offers 8 analog output channels available on a DSUB37 connector. For a better accessibility, the first three channels are also available on BNC connectors while the others are only available on the DSUB connector due to limited space. 8 Digital Inputs and 4 Digital Outputs complete the feature set.

Get to know TRION3-AOUT-8

How do the different output modes work? What benefits can I gain by using the new analog output module? How can the module be used with OXYGEN?

In the next few weeks, we will publish further information about our new TRION3-AOUT-8 module. Follow us on LinkedIn to never miss a blogpost, tutorial video or whitepaper related to our latest innovation. Some webinars presenting the analog output board are also already available for registration – check them out!

To start with, here’s the first TRION3-AOUT-8 related tutorial video. It demonstrates, how the Monitor Output function can be used.


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