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Connection panels for TRION-DLV


The TRION-x-dLV-CB16-D9 is a feature expansion box
for TRION-1802-dLV-32 and -1600-dLV-32 modules.

The box supports up to 16x DSUB-9 sockets for analog inputs or the use of MSIs (Modular Smart Interfaces) as well as precision ±5 V excitation voltage with remote sense per channel. The TRION-x-dLV-CB16-D9 also features a CAN and Digital I/O interface as well as auxiliary sensor supply.

Enables measurement of strain gauge and bridge sensors, IEPE®, LVDT
and RVDT, thermocouple, charge, RTD and voltage up to ±200 V.

TRION sensor connection box

The TRION-CB16-B is a banana socket connector panel for TRION-1802-dLV or TRION-1600-dLV.

General MSI functionality

Each MSI is a signal conditioner designed for a dedicated sensor type.
By reading the TEDS chip, the measuring system gets any information necessary to adjust the amplifier accordingly. The user doesn’t have to worry about it, he automatically gets the right measuring ranges with the right unit displayed.
For traceability, important data, such as serial number or calibration date, are also read out and if necessary additionally stored with the measurement data file.

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